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How to style a slip dress

How To Style a Slip Dress

Who doesn’t like an effortless style of simple silk dresses that looks great worn with anything? If you are still not sure if that trend, what became an essential piece of wardrobe, is right for you, I will show you…

How To Style a Cami Top

How to style a cami top

What do you consider a summer staple and a wardrobe staple in general? Do you have a set amount of clothes in your wardrobe that you can’t live without all year round or are you swapping capsules according to the…

How To Style a Wrap Top

How to style wrap top

We are changing so does our style. In the beginning, it doesn’t need to be a radical change, we might be just craving for something new, or different to make it stand out. But we still like to stay in…

How To Style a White Trainers

How to style a white trainers

I’ve been thinking about what I didn’t style yet from the most versatile pieces in your capsule wardrobe. I pretty much styled all the basics pieces what creates the foundation of the perfect wardrobe, except one, what people think about…

How To Style Mom Jeans

How to style mom jeans

If you fell in love with your capsule wardrobe, you probably have a hard time to find new items to add to your wardrobe. You became really selective, you are more careful with shape, material and style. And that’s my…