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How To Style Slingbacks

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How do you cope with the cold or not so cold but still winter weather? I can’t wait for more sun and warmer weather. I am really looking forward to taking the winter coat off and swap my boots for lighter shoes. Why am I so excited about the shoes? Simply because they are the easiest piece of clothing how to take your outfit from boring to outstanding. One of the biggest trends for a coming season is kitten heel and a square toe. And we, as capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, would like to get this trend in one pair. My go-to spring/summer shoes will be slingbacks. I would like to show you how I’ll style a slingback.


How to style slingbacks


How To Style a Slingbacks

Slingbacks are actually a great alternative to pumps and high heels. They are easy to style with any kind of outfit. Definitely will spice up your jeans outfit and make it appropriate for work. They are easy to walk at and even in the hottest summer will boost your confidence when it comes to shoes.

How to style slingbacks

What Style to Go For

There are plenty of options for the slingback style. Chanel made them really stand out. What you should consider when you looking at one is:

Toe Style – do you like a pointy toe or a fashionable square? Pointy toe one makes your legs look longer and gives you nice overall silhouette. The square toe is the go-to for spring/summer. Will it stay for a longer or is it only for a year? But definitely, it’s easy to walk in this type and really comfortable.

How to style slingbacks

Heels – high of the heel should be considered really carefully as you need to walk in them comfortably without unnecessary accidents. Don’t forget your heel can slip as it is loose. Kitten heels are really in this season so you can forget about the myths they are made only for young girls. But if you don’t like high heels there is plenty of low heels options too.


How to style slingbacks

Material –  for me it’s winning option durable leather. But I am pretty sure you can find nice vegan options when you look around.

How to style slingbacks

Colour – shoes are great in the meaning you can go a bit beyond your standards. Slingbacks look great in a neutral colour but also as a jewel with the funky colour, pattern or with the beautiful detail.

How to style slingbacks

Slingbacks are one of the shoes what I will be adding to my capsule wardrobe. What will you add this spring to your wardrobe?

If you like more style ideas you can have a look at my How to style section, there is plenty of style ideas what you can create with your simple capsule wardrobe. If it’s not enough you can have a look at my Pinterest where I am adding new style finds daily.


How to style slingbacks


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