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Pret a collection basics

Welcome to Pret a Collection

P.A.C Collection was created to demonstrate that being made ethically and sustainably doesn’t need to be boring or boho. It can be chic, timeless and effortless.

P.A.C was designed for all lovers of minimalists style and sustainably made clothes. The collection was created based on the everyday basics of the curated wardrobe.

The basic collection is made of the finest materials in the highest quality for the wardrobe that lasts for years to come.

Made Locally

P.A.C Collection is sustainably made in Europe, in the small workshops run by female owners who are the most of the time makers themselves.

Made locally also means that it’s easier to overview the process and make adjustments when needed.  All our garments are handmade and made to order.
Meaning the product is only made once you place the order.

This way we avoid overproduction, unnecessary stocks and we reduce the waste.

Pret a Collection 

Women Sustainable Fashion