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Easter Brake

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Are you thinking to go away for an Easter? Or your plan is just to stay at home and meet some friends, chill or go shopping this is all that you need for this time of the year. I made some outfits from this items, if you go away this is definitely what is enough for a week or even longer and suitable for any occasion what comes up. Of course, if it gets colder just add an extra sweater.

Easter Break

Saddle Bag/ Duffle Bag/Black Jeans/ Trainers/ Stripe T-shirt/ White Shirt/ Dress/ Sunglasses/Boots/ Sweater/White T-shirt/ Hat/ Scarf



Some Outfit Inspiration

Easter Break Travel Light

All of the items you can shop from sustainable brands, I just couldn’t find any handmade hats and scarfs yet. So if you know any nice sustainable brands which make accessories please let me know. I add them to the collages.

Easter Break Travel Light





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