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Les Sublimes

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Easy French Elegance

We believe that the best clothes are the ones you can quickly reach for and throw on without thinking. Simple, well-made wardrobe staples that are always in style. And that leave you feeling confident and beautiful on the inside and out. Every time.In the spirit of buying fewer, and buying better (which also just happens to be wildly sustainable), we offer permanent collections of timeless favorites that are available year-round. Pieces that we love so much, we don’t need to change every season.

No Compromise

Les Sublimes, we consider the environmental and social impact throughout every step of producing our collections. Our team is always on the hunt for the most luxurious, sustainable fabrics, and the most respected fair factories, so that you can always wear the very best. For you and for the planet.

Curious about the details? Discover from start to finish how we make your clothes.

Cool Girls Care

The idea is not to be perfect, but to do our best in our unique situations. To follow our dreams, and take full advantage of life – while also trying to make the world a better place. Being sublime is about leading a thoughtfully curated lifestyle of mutual benefit, and enjoying yourself in the process. Let’s infuse more beauty into the clothes we wear by adding more beauty into how our clothes are produced. Together, let’s make fashion sublime.


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