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Minimalist Lifestyle: Home Office

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Most of the small businesses and laptop based businesses start at the kitchen table. Nothing wrong with it and it is the easiest way how to operate. C’mon, there is a life to live. But after a while, you get short of space and you just want to keep your stuff organize and let’s be honest YOURS. Here is the easiest solution. Create your tiny corner to be more productive and organize.

How to set up your office

Don’t worry you don’t need to start moving furniture and clear some room or move your kids to one room. No need to go extreme. A better solution is to find a tiny space in your house/apartment to put a desk and place the PC or a laptop. You are ready to do your work in minutes. And if you need an extra space, just put some shelves over the table and you have a perfect file system.

Source: Pinterest

Source: The Beautydojo

Where to set up your office

As I mentioned before if you are not lucky enough to have a spare room, you can find a tiny space even in the smallest apartment.

Source: Pinterest

How I found the space to work on holidays

At home I work from our kitchen table, yes I still didn’t find the space, and to be honest, at the moment it works as it is. But since I came on holidays, and too many people are at my mum’s house I don’t want to distract anyone by leaving a laptop on the kitchen table. So I came with the solution to take her vintage sewing machine instead and use it as an office table. I can perfectly fit everything here. Anyway, she uses it more like an extra shelf than what it is meant for.

If you are wondering why do I need to set up a working space on holidays read it here. 

We took a 2 months holidays. I will write a post about it later how we get on.





Where do you work from? Do you have a proper office at home or you just use a kitchen table as I do? Let me know in the comments.

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