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Sustainable Brand: Balmonds Review

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Being a minimalist is my through self, and I am so glad that lifestyle became a ‘ trend ‘.  As I cleared our house from unnecessary stuff and finally, I got comfortable in my own clothes and style, I wiped out my bathroom cabinet and make-up bag, looking for products what can be used in multiple ways. I found all of this in Balmonds SkinSalvation. So I partnered with the Balmonds family and would like to introduce you to their amazing sustainable brand and a Balmonds best selling and all-around moisturizer.

Sustainable brand Balmonds Review

Sustainable Brand Review – Balmonds

How It All Started

Belmonds brand began with a mother so desperate to find an effective, non-steroidal moisturiser for her daughter’s painful skin that she ended up making one herself. Lula suffered from eczema and nothing helped. Natalie Balmond mixed up a moisturizer only from natural ingredients to smooth her daughter’s sore skin. Natalie worked in her kitchen, mixing together combinations of nourishing organic oils, skin-kind herbs and beeswax. The gentle, entirely natural balm she ended up formulating worked so well and so quickly to hydrate Lula’s thirsty skin that Natalie could see straight away she should make it available to everyone else she knew might need it.


What Is Skin Salvation

Skin Salvation is a thick, rich, oily, beeswax-based salve, designed to soothe the itch, lock in moisture and protect from further irritation to break the itch-scratch cycle. It contains hemp seed oil which is very rich in essential fatty acids which eczema sufferers often lack, so long-term use will nourish the skin with the nutrients and oils needed to regenerate, regulate and repair the skin.

Sustainable brand Balmonds Review

How It Works For Me

You can find above description on the official Balmonds website, but what I found out it is a really nice thick moisturizer, can be used for any part of your body in multiple ways. I received my jar of magic 4 weeks ago. All that I was asked to do is to test it for 3 weeks. So I gave it a go. My key point was to use it for my acne suffering skin and my kid’s dry skin, with my son’s reaching, at some points, eczema patches showed up occasionally. And as we are lucky to have winter around comes with dry hands and feet. And my son is still in nappies so I gave it really hands-on test. As Balmonds advertise that it can be used on: chapped lips, sore nose, cracked heels, dry hands, insect bites, minor grazes, tattoo aftercare, chafing, nappy rash, makeup removal, shaving rash, after radiotherapy, bed sores, eczema flares, dry eyes and psoriasis. Keep reading how it worked for me.

Sustainable brand Balmonds Review

Acne Skin

My biggest concern was if it’ll work on my acne-affected skin. I applied it for the first time as a night cream. As soon as I applied it on my face my skin was really soft, I didn’t feel like the balm was absorbed straight away, but it didn’t feel greasy as well. After a few hours, the skin was left soft, and grease absorbed into the skin. I woke up with the glowy skin. Ok, spots were still there as I started to use it daily, day and night, I saw the difference. I didn’t have a new spot. Which was a great improvement. I had to get something extra to clear the uneven skin and scars, but I will use Skin Salvation as the best moisturiser what I tried so far and what I will be using for now on.

The balm has a really thick texture without any smell. Greenish colour can be worrying but it is absolutely clear once it’s applied on the skin. It might stain the pillow when it’s applied heavily but if it’s used thinly I did not notice any strains.

Sustainable brand Balmonds Review


Another big skin issue what I tried Skin Salvation on was psoriasis. I am kind of lucky as I have it in hair part, not that visible, but trust me it can get really itchy and burning sometimes. As soon as I had the itchy and sore burning feeling I applied it thinly on the scalp and the itchy, burning symptoms left within a few minutes. I can say it healed psoriasis completely, as it appears only in stressful situations, but it’s great to have a balm on hand when it’s needed.


General Dry Skin

As the Balmonds says it can be used for any dry skin condition, so I tried it on chapped lips, sore nose, cracked heels, dry hands, aftershave rash and even after cold sore to heal the reddish spot.

I especially loved it on cracked heels, as I felt the result straight away. I didn’t have that burning and shrinking feel as I normally have after applying other creams. And after few apply I had no cracked heels. Can not wait for summer to show off my perfect heels.

Don’t forget to apply a thin layer once a day on chapped lips, it works better than most of the lip balms what I tried. And I don’t need to carry a bottle around as I apply it only in the evenings.

As a true minimalist, I had to use it as many products replacements as possible. This balm makes it great aftershave balm and also as a body balm. I can’t wait to try it in the summer as after sun balm. Hope it will work.

As I mentioned before my son is still in nappies, with really sensitive skin for a boy. Once I was desperate, it looks like none of the creams, what we had at home, stop working. I took a Skin Salvation to give it a try, Balmond’s ladies say it works on nappy rash, and it actually DOES work. Even my husband noticed the difference and agreed it works. Since then I don’t use any other cream on my son skin. Natural ingredients help even the most sensitive baby skin.

Sustainable brand Balmonds Review

Balmonds created a whole skincare range to care for any skin and skin condition. If you are not sure if it will work, the Skin Salvation is sold in different sizes and you can also use the code PAC20 for a 20% discount to give it a try. But I guarantee, you will never use any other moisturiser. This little jar will have a special place in your bathroom.









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