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Capsule Wardrobe: Bags

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In the morning I am standing in front of the mirror and keep rethinking my outfit. Is this bag goes with everything else, or the colour is not just right? It looks too summery. You know what I am trying to say. It was me a few years ago as well. Until I realized I don’t need that many bags. I am quite lazy to swap around all my belongings from one handbag to another and what is it good for to keep rethinking the whole outfit just because of the bag? So I made a change. I have worn out all of my handbags, ok not quite there yet but getting there, and I bought only 2 proper one.

Capsule wardrobe - Bags

Tote / Shoulder Bag / Pouch / Small Crossover Bags/ Backpack / Weekend Bag

Where To Shop Sustainable Bags

Matt and Nat, Everlane, Able, Duffle&Co, Denise Roobol, Jules and Jenn

Bag Capsule Wardrobe

After leaving behind my necessities in a handbag from a previous day I decided there is time for a change. Anyway, who needs 10 handbags on rotation when all of them can be used only one by one for a day?

Who has that much extra time to think of the handbag as we are busy with life in general? I don’t so I made a switch. As with everything else I stopped buying more and got used what I already had. It took me a few years to come down to only four bags and still aiming for only 2, but I am following the right direction.


Capsule wardrobe - Bags

What Handbags Do We Need

I personally think every woman needs only 2 handbags. Everything else is an unnecessary excess. If you choose the right type of handbag it will serve you well and you won’t need anything else.

Everyday Bag

It is exactly what it means. You can take it to work, for shopping or to the park. Wherever you go, this bag will be with you. It needs to be big enough to hold all your belongings, good quality – it won’t rip after a few days and preferably lightweight – who want to drag around a heavy bag? You can find all of this in a classic tote. Might be you will be thinking about little details like if you can close it – to be safe in public places, has some extra pocket, or how many compartments it has – some ladies like to be organized. When you want to invest in the best possible bag you need to think about it. To make a smart purchase what lasts you and serves you for a long time.

Occasional Bag

This is kind of handbag what you use for a dinner date, party or just easy day out.  This is the bag what you can fit only the most necessary things in – phone, cards, cash and keys. This is the bag what give your outfit that special final touch. The little pouch can be great for those special occasions but also used every day as an extra pocket or an organizer in your large tote.

Travel Bag

It’s doesn’t matter if you travel every week or once a year or even less. Everyone should have a travel bag. If not a suitcase. This bag will be big enough to carry all your staffs but small enough to be able to carry it and lift it if you need to. As an everyday bag, it should be durable, made of great quality and light way. When we travel every gram counts.

Capsule wardrobe - Bags

If you have all that kind of bags I guarantee you won’t need more. It covers all your needs and occasions. If you are building or thinking of building, a capsule wardrobe hopes this little bag guide helped you to make a better decision. If you need help with your capsule wardrobe please get in touch or have a look at my Capsule Wardrobe Organization service.

How many bags do you use and how many do you own? Please let me know in the comments so we can share our thoughts.


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