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French Shopping Basket

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Spring is in the full bloom and summer is just around corner. And that’s the perfect time when I pull out one of my favorite and most worn accessory that is nothing more or less as french shopping basket.

French Shopping Basket

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French Shopping Basket

French shopping basket known as a straw basket is my favourite summer accessories. If you thinking to get yourself a summer basket bag you should consider to get french shopping basket. It can be carried for all occasions. It doesn’t matter if I go shopping, taking kids to after school activities or on the weekend picnics and outings.

French Shopping Basket

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What Size To Choose

To choose the right size can be a difficult part of getting the right basket bag. If you have kids, I would always recommend the bigger size, as mum’s always needs to carry all kids stuffs. But if you don’t need to carry all the kids ‘ necessary ‘ stuffs go for a smaller size. It will look more like a normal summer bag, but more stylish.

French Shopping Basket

What Type of Handles To Choose?

Another common question comes to mind when you shop for a french summer basket is, what type of handles to choose from. There is more options not just short and long. But also flat or rounded. I picked the short round handles. I really wanted basket not a handbag to carry on my shoulder. When you shop for a french summer bag you should think about what you need your basket for, and how you would like to carry it. Long handles are practical to carry the basket on the shoulder. Or the good option is to choose a bag with both types of handles – short and long, but those baskets comes only with flat handles.

French Shopping Basket

Plain or in Colour?

It might sound funny and repetitive, but it depends on your style and your preferences. I really like my clothes to be neutral, so it is same with the french shopping basket. But if your capsule wardrobe is full of colours and you think that colourful french shopping basket would be a perfect fit, then go for it. As those baskets are handmade all of them are unique and chic.

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