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How To Wear And Style a Backpack For Work.

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A few years ago I got tired of dragging my overload tote bag around London so I got on a mission to find a functional but also good looking backpack. It wasn’t an easy task, but luckily there are so many great looking backpacks these days. If you wondering how to wear and style a backpack for work keep reading for some inspiration. These are my favorites styles that I like to wear when I take my backpack for a work run.

Top // Coat sold out, similar here and in camel // Trousers // Trainers // Backpack //

How To Wear And Style a Backpack For Work

Have you ever been thinking to wear a backpack to work instead of your tote bag? You have a doubts if its actually appropriate to wear a backpack to work? I guarantee you that it is. If you keep your outfit looking smart and polish and you find a backpack that is not only practical to carry all the necessary work stuffs, I am looking at you laptop and a mouse, but also suits your style it’s a win-win. When I take my backpack I mostly choose comfy pair of trainers. Good white pair of trainers and a backpack will look smart once paired with the tailored trousers and a knit. You’ll step out casually in a chic outfit.

Parka // Trousers

What Backpack to Choose

You want to choose a good looking backpack, but it has to be a functional piece as well. You’ve been also wondering how to wear and style a backpack for work, as most of the time you did carry a tote. So there are only few rules, it should’t be bulky, sleeker options are better, something like this Port Sydney backpack. All size matter as well. Not too small but not too big as well. Something that you can fit the laptop in and even might be a pack lunch. Small backpacks doesn’t help much, as you end up carrying loads of stuffs in hands. And big backpacks doesn’t look good. You go to work not for a month long expedition.

What Materials are Good for Day-to-day Backpacks

Leather and waterproof backpacks are the best for everyday use. Nylon backpack look cheap and can rip off easily. As with the rest of your capsule wardrobe you should get the best quality backpack that suits your budget. It will lasts for years and your body will be pleased.

How To Wear And Style a Backpack For Work

Trench coat

Any Special Recommendations for Work Backpacks

Once you start looking for a backpack that is suitable not only for a fun weekend activities but also for work, it’s good to keep an eye on small details like, many easily accessible pockets, laptop sleeve, phone charger – not necessity but it will help a lot, water bottle pocket. Little details can make a huge difference in your everyday life. Who likes to keep looking in the bag for a keys? I thought so, none of us. 😉

What Kind of Backpack Doesn’t Look Good to Style With the Rest of Your Wardrobe

If you decided to swap your everyday bag for a backpack there are some styles that doesn’t look good with the work wardrobe. Stay away from colorful bags, school bags and the bags with the flashy logo all over the bag. It will look cheap and it wont look professional at all.

How To Wear And Style a Backpack For Work

Do you remember my No shopping challenge that I done few years ago? If not you can read everything about it here. Anyway, this year I decided to go to a No shopping year challenge again. I started to feel overwhelmed with many items that we accumulated over the years, as kids growing, my style changed a bit, not much but I can afford better quality, so I would like to do a bit of decluttering again. As I’ve done the last time I’ll try to use my whole wardrobe, and for all my ‘ outgrown ‘ and special occasion items that I won’t wear anymore I will list them on Vinted. I’ll try to find a new home for those items. I am hoping to make a room for a new projects, to give me space to think, work and breath. Sometimes we can slip off from minimalism but as long as we now what we need and what works for us we can easily get back to it. We know the steps. To declutter the space was my New Years resolution too. So who is with me? Will you join me? You don’t need to commit to a whole year even 3 months is enough.

Why do I say 3 months? Because first month you won’t miss anything, as you do have plenty of stuffs, you have full wardrobe. Second month you start to crave something new, but if you can push that surge to buy something and you last for another month you will see the positive impact what minimalism can offer you, or at least what the intentional shopping can offer you. Better quality of life, more money, less stress and more space. Are you with me?

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