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How To Build An Online Shop

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A few years ago, when my daughter was born, I decided to build an online shop. I knew nothing about building a website, blog or an online shop. NO IDEA about anything. I started my research and just because I was on a really tight budget I had to come up with the simplest and cheapest solutions. But now I know it wasn’t the best solution. Tell you why.

The beginning

So as I said I was on a tight budget, so I set up my online shop on tictail.com, which is great for people who just start up and have no extra money at all to spend. Like me. It is a really simple marketplace to set up your shop on, with few plugins to instal. I only pay £1 per month + domain. I can upload my products to add some options. But it was added just recently. So, in the beginning, it wasn’t great. But I have to tell it to get’s better. If you are looking for a really simple platform to set up your shop on that would be it.

Time goes on

As the time goes on I learned a lot and mostly I know that go with the cheapest solution is not the best option. I learned how to build a website and how to promote an amazing work. I benefit a lot from it.

Four years of journey

As I said I was working with the tight budget, but even when you are in the same situation as I was you can do a lot. I was promoting my shop on social media, Instagram was my go-to platform. Can you imagine my excitement when I received emails asking for cooperation and invitation to a Christmas fair? I was over the moon to see that people love my products. But also I wasn’t prepared as much as I should.

How to build an online store

Don’t make the same mistakes as I did

Mistake Nr.1

If you really want to have a great shop what sell loads of loads of products in years go for one of the WordPress.org sites. At the beginning you don’t need to go for a paid version theme, just get a web hosting and a domain and build your beautiful online shop. If you are new to a web hosting choose either Bluehost or SiteGround, both of them are great and you even get a free email to look more professional. With the Bluehost, you can get a free domain and with this link, you pay only $2.65/month which is 65% off than regular price based on a basic plan.

SumUp Card Reader

Mistake Nr.2

Another big mistake what I made was my pictures and images. I hear you, pictures and images sell. But if you have no idea and knowledge you just try to do your best. Which is not great. I learned my lesson. This day I create my images on Canva or with PicMonkey. You can use Canva for free but if you like to have more freedom it is better to switch to a paid version. And if you are more experienced you should go for PicMonkey.Totally up to you what you use both of them are great software to make your images.

Mistake Nr.3

For Christmas fair, I had everything beautifully wrapped ready for gifting, but a huge mistake I had no card reader to take card payments. I lost so many sales. 🙁 Back then all card readers came with the monthly fees, what you don’t want when you just starting out and you are not sure if you’re business will go so well. I know all of us believe it will take off but it takes time and a hard work. If I knew back then about SumUp EMV Card Reader my sales would be higher. SumUp EMV Card Reader is a simple card reader without monthly fees. You just pay ones and you use it forever. Great for any business. You don’t need a landline to set up. Just buy it and you are ready to take the payments. Isn’t it great?


Hope this inspired you not to do the same mistakes as I did and you will set up your online shop the best way from the beginning. If you need a help just let me know.

Something else, at the moment I switched from Instagram to Pinterest and I have an even greater audience and customers.

Let me know where are you at building your online shops and what mistakes to avoid what you already did.

How to build an online shop

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