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Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes

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We always see the perfect pictures of capsule wardrobes. We create outfits and choosing accessories to accomplish the outfits. But what about the shoes? How many shoes capsule wardrobe have you seen? Honestly not many. I always comes to definition of to own as few as possible. Is it healthy? Is it enough?

Capsule Wardrobe- Shoes



Shoes Capsule Wardrobe

Not that long ago, we were moving houses, I realized I had 31 pairs of shoes. Might be not that many for some of you might be too many for others. For me it was the number what I had not a problem with. But I started to think. Do I really need that many shoes? Do I wear them? Do I have time to wear them? Not really, back then I had wear uniform shoes, on the way to work I mostly worn trainers and do I really needed that many shoes for weekends? So I started downsizing. I did the same as with the clothes. Stop buying a shoes for a while. And I made it.


Capsule Wardrobe- Shoes



What I Learned

As I said so many times I don’t really need that many shoes for 7 days a week. I need comfy shoes, good quality and what suit my style. I decided to buy leather shoes, comfortable and in style and colour what accomplish my style. No it doesn’t always means I will go for a black or white, shoes are the piece of capsule wardrobe where we can go extra mile and be little bit more adventurous. This is how I feel. I will wear all black outfit but with the bright blue shoes. If you are really conservative with your clothes, you can be creative with your shoes. And make your outfit to stand out.


Capsule Wardrobe- Shoes

Slip-ons, flats, booties, booties/ summer slip-ons, sandals/ trainers


What Shoes Do You Need?

Work Shoes – everyone needs a work shoes, unless you work in your pyjama and wear slippers all day long in this case slippers would be your work shoes. Anyway, back to the work shoes. For a formal meetings and business purposes are the most appropriate black pumps. Choose the ones with the mid heel. Makes your silhouette looks great, gives you hidden power and the most important is they are so comfortable to walk in them. For everyday shoes is the best choice flats. Sleek, stylish and comfortable. Looks good with trousers and skirts.

Weekend Shoes – as it is written, meant for weekend. Run after the kids, go shopping whatever you need to do for the weekend. Trainers or ballets, it is your choice.

Workout Shoes – if you do any workout, you will need a shoes to do it.

Occasional – Parties, weddings and all between requires that special shoes.

Seasonal – we wouldn’t wear summer sandals in winter and other way round.

This are the few types of shoes what you need. It is up to you if you go for one pair for each occasion or you will choose more choices. I have at least 2-3 choices of shoes for each occasion. Some shoes can be worn for more than only one specific occasion, so it is very transitioning.

Capsule Wardrobe- Shoes

That what capsule wardrobe is all about. Make it comfortable make it last. Same rule for shoes capsule wardrobe as for clothes. Don’t restrict yourself make a use of everything what you own.

Did you created a shoes capsule wardrobe? How many shoes do you own? I own 16 pairs, all of them are pictured.


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