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How To Style: Beige/Camel/Tan In Your Capsule Wardrobe

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You created your perfect capsule wardrobe, but after a while, you feel you missing something or you just craving for some little change. Do you feel the same? You know exactly what I am talking about but you don’t know what that missing piece is. You need to add some colour in your wardrobe to get that little spark back, to enjoy your capsule wardrobe with the fresh start. What if you refreshed your capsule wardrobe with some warmer tone? The tone of beige, camel or tan?

How to style Beige/Camel/Tan

Trenchcoat / Dress / Pants / Sweater / V-neck T-shirt / Crew neck T-shirtMules / Sunglasess / Loafers / Tote / Crossbody bag / Travel Duffle

How To Add a Beige, Camel or Tan Colour

Any of these warm earth colours are easy to add to your capsule wardrobe. It makes a nice contrast with darker colours but nicely blend together with the whites. All of these shades remind the summer, sand and fields. It makes it a perfect colour for a summer uniform. You can choose any item in this colour. If you like it too much go for a bigger piece – a dress or coat is the one to go for, if you are not completely sure if you like it that much, go for a smaller piece – shoes, bag or sunglasses are good to start with.

How to style Beige/Camel/Tan

Outfit Inspiration

I was inspired by all the stylish French women and Scandinavian simplicity. French does it nicely with white jeans and camel top and a simple small bag. Scandinavians brake the neutral dark outfit with simple camel knit. This two styles always comes to my mind when I think of this colour. I am lightening up my outfits with a beige trench coat and camel shoes. I had to start somewhere 😉

How to style Beige/Camel/Tan

What colour do you prefer in your capsule wardrobe? And what colour will you add for the summer? You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest board or other styling inspiration posts here and here. As always let me know your thoughts in the comments.

How to style Beige/Camel/Tan



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