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How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

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I’ve been creating capsule wardrobes for over 3 years already. I always try to wear whatever I have in my wardrobe, no matter if I go for a meeting or I just have a school run. But I noticed not many use their wardrobe to the fullest potential. Or they prefer comfort by wearing leggings most of the time. Call me weird or strange, because until 3 weeks ago I didn’t own the leggings. As I browsed Pinterest I noticed that even a legging outfit can be really stylish and actually tempted to be worn all the time. What I also noticed is that a stylish look is added once you pair it with an outstanding coat, shoes, hat or any other outstanding item. That one piece can make you look chic or break it all in pieces. I played a bit with the collages to visualise how to wear activewear outside the gym. To avoid the tired look.

How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

Cropped Leggings // Long Leggings // Sweater // Baseball Cap // Vest Top // Sports Bra // Racer Back Top // Trainers 


How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

First what I would add is a trench coat. Once you wrap up in it, no one can see what are you actually wearing underneath. It can work as a great cover and also gives you extra warmth. Isn’t it true that every outfit looks great once it’s worn with the trench coat? If the trench coat is not your cup of tea or you just don’t feel comfortable wearing it with your activewear yet, try to opt for a stylish baseball cap. It gives you that eye-catching detail and will cover your sweaty hair too. And the third item that I found really stylish and can make up the whole look is a sweatshirt. You might think, there is nothing special with the sweatshirt it’s just a normal sports layer, but not really. If you opt for something like this one with the batwing sleeves it makes you look like a million dollars. Or if you really want to splurge on a sweatshirt this cashmere hoodie is an investment piece that will look great in the gym but also outside with the everyday uniform.

How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

// Trench Coat //

Little Bits and Pieces

Once you look for activewear try to stick to neutral tones, your outfit will be easily mixed and match. And If you don’t feel that confident to wear your gym wear outside in the public in the neutrals it will be less noticeable. Bright clothes shout ‘ Look at me ‘ and if you don’t want to create this effect that’s another good reason why to stay with neutrals.  By no means I am a fitness expert or anything close to it, but try to get yourself as much support as possible. It makes you feel good and it holds firmly at all the right parts.

How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

Hope you like that little activewear inspiration and it keeps you going to achieve your feel-good target. Exercise is fun, but if we look good by doing it. it’s a bonus.

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How To Wear Activewear Outside The Gym

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