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Sustainable Fashion: Mila.Vert

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COUNTRY: Slovenia

When Tina Logar Bauchmüller the founder of Mila.Vert started to think about creating a clothing brand she wasn’t just guided only by enthusiasm for beautiful clothing and fashion but she wanted to establish an ethical brand too.

Mila.Vert works with two family-owned sewing companies, both located in Slovenia where the Mila.Vert brand originates. A benefit of local, traditionally made clothing is a transparent supply chain that ensures ethical and quality standards are being met.

Mila.Vert commit to using fabrics that contain at least 90% of environmentally friendly fibers, mainly certified organic cotton. They use environmentally friendly fabrics to the extent possible, and they seek for solutions to tackle the issue of packaging waste. All purchased items are packed in cotton backpacks that can be used for multiple purposes.

Seeking out environmentally friendly fabrics can compromise design and style, but at Mila.Vert  doesn’t look at it as an either-or choice. They intentionally design slowly, and intend to make clothes that are timeless and made to last; they emphasis the quality of clothing. To assure the highest aesthetics and quality standards, some garments are partially handmade.

A favorite piece of clothing fits a lot of occasions and can be worn again and again, at Mila.Vert they design quality classics rather than respond to trends.



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