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COUNTRY: Cambodia

The idea behind the Dorsu production:

Buy Better: Be informed, seek well designed and well made products.
Travel Often: Be curious, explore, experience and appreciate.
Be You: Be honest, be real and own it. You are great.

Buying clothes that have been made fairly does not have to mean sacrificing an appreciation for design or a love for beautiful things.

The Dorsu Way is about being real. The Dorsu team making clothes for people who work hard, travel often and experience life. They make clothing in an ethical way and they don’t look at clothing as a disposable.

All Dorsu clothing is designed and produced in-house at their production studio in Kampot, Cambodia. All production is made under one roof – design, pattern make, sample, cut, sew, package and sell. They make clothing in high quality and made under fair conditions.

To produce less waste they work  with remnant fabric, which means that they work with limited amounts of fabric and colors. When purchasing new fabric they are only able to buy what is available.

Dorsu team produce limited collections in color and style. Which means everything is exclusive and not driven by trend. They stay focused on ethical production and customers demand. With their pieces is easy to build a capsule wardrobe. Start with Versatile Cotton Basics, add some Core Collection and Pop Collection and you have a perfectly made wardrobe.



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