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Minimalist Lifestyle: Gift Guide Part 1

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We are again at the part of the year when everyone getting crazy about Christmas. Of course, it is nothing wrong with it. We just need more time to think and a bit more inspiration would be great. I get you. I am one of them. I just take it slightly differently. As a minimalist in the process, I plan everything ahead of the time. I don’t do that craziness anymore, buying as many possible presents as I can fit under the Christmas tree. Avoid the disappointment I prepared two parts posts with the little gift guide inspiration. The great thing about this guides is, it can be used as an inspiration for birthdays or any other special days.


Minimalist Lifestyle Gift Guide

So let me explain the idea behind my gift guide. It is a universal gift guide, don’t hesitate to use it any time when you are lost with the ideas. First part is all about ladies capsule wardrobe and an online business owner.


Capsule Wardrobe Enthusiast

Whoever decided to build a capsule wardrobe will be grateful for new high quality items in their wardrobe. Keep in mind minimalism and simplicity lead the way. You can not go wrong with the jewellery. But even a great bag is a win-win. And if she runs a blog why not to add something extra to help out?


Capsule Wardrobe Christmas gift guide

Beanie/ Jewellery/ Handbag or here/ Sweater, Jacket/ Planner, Cup/ Slip-on/ Bra/ Sunglasses

Minimalist/ Business Owner

But if you are not one of the capsule wardrobe enthusiasts in this part you can find some inspiration for online business owners. You can help someone to take their business to the next level. Or do you know someone who thinks about starting a blog, but has no clue where to start? Or are you all of this but you want to help with your wardrobe? Whoever it is,  you can give a gift without adding more clutter to their life. Instead, you help them grow which is great.

Online business owners gift guide

Pinterest VA services, Capsule Wardrobe Organization/ Blog Courses or here


Hopefully, this little guide gives you some ideas for coming Christmas without adding more clutter.

In the next part, I prepared some inspiration for kids and men gifts. Of course with minimalism in mind. If you think it is impossible that’s not true. Yes, I have kids, and yes I do the same for them. They don’t need that many new toys and stuffs at ones anyway. They won’t enjoy it. After the first three presents, it just gets as a routine and no joy in it anymore. Trust me. My daughter even cried last year when she got an extra present. She kept saying she didn’t ask for it, why she got it? She doesn’t need it. And it is true, she doesn’t even play with it. Wasted money. Let’s think about it and spent your hard earned money wisely.

Are you ready for Christmas? What did you get? Let me know in the comments.

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