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Sustainable Brand: Organic Basics

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Organic Basics


Ok, you created your minimal capsule wardrobe, your mind changed. But you still missing something. You would like to find sustainable basic as well. Look no further OrganicBasics is your brand to go for.


Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics


Basically, Better Made

Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish guys who wanted to change. Who was tired of regularly buying, wearing, washing, and throwing away an overpriced big branded underwear? They thought it was unsustainable, bad for the environment, and a big waste of the time and money.

The Sustainable Model

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, it’s how we’re going to build our future. We think that buying poor quality, fast fashion is a lot like peeing your pants when you’re cold. It feels nice at first, but it’s not so good later on. Nothing is less sustainable and more frustrating than something that falls apart after a wear and a wash, right? Buying better-made means investing in quality that lasts.

Basic Beginnings

In the beginning, they started making quality men’s underwear, consciously created with GOTS certified organic cotton. Now, there’s much more to it than that. A few months on from the launch they expanded the collection to include organic cotton t-shirts, socks, and consciously created accessories, as well as a full collection of women’s organic cotton basics.

Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics


Keeping It Simple

For the organic cotton collections, they keep it simple. GOTS certified organic cotton. Basic colours, timeless styles, and NO seasonal collections. From the beginning, they only wanted long-lasting designs, sustainable fabrics, and good working conditions in the factories.

To make sure the t-shirt keeps its shape they use a nip of elastane (5%) and weave that through the t-shirt, this helps the tee retain its shape. They’ve also used long-form organic cotton instead of machine-picked cotton as that lasts a lot longer.

Give It A Chance – Try It Yourself

OrganicBasics are really fair company and they offer 10% off for our customers with the promo code PRETACOBC.

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