Minimalist Lifestyle: Gift Guide Part 2

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As I promised here is the second part of a gift guide for an upcoming Christmas. In this part, I prepared something for men and a bit of inspiration for kids and babies. As a minimalist, I prefer kids/babies gifts what can be worn or have a practical use. Kids either outgrown it or after while they won’t need it. I tried to include as little toys as possible.

The Best Gifts For Men

I created this gift guide with the minimalism and capsule wardrobe in mind. Why men wouldn’t like it? The minimalist Scandinavian style is so popular for the modern man. So let’s give them something that they’ll like to wear and will feel good at it.

Christmas Gift Guide

Sweater, Polo Shirt, Shirt, Backpack, Scarf/ Basics Pack, Socks/ Beanie/ Duffle Bag


The Best Gifts For Kids/Babies

It’s so hard to come with the great gift for kids. We need to think a bit harder to make them happy. But it is possible. I learned the lesson last year when my daughter got a present what she didn’t ask for. She wasn’t happy at all, actually, I can say she was really upset she got an extra present. So she didn’t even play with it. Yes, you are right, wasted money.

Try to prevent this kind of a disappointment, less is better and what they really want. I created this list with the minimalism in mind, keeping the toys away.

Christmas Gift Guide

Crochet Toy/ Sleeping Bag, Muslins, Pants, Romper, Play Mat/ Cardigan, Shoes, Hat & Boots Set/ Sweater/ Rocking Bunny/ Pillow


Hope this little guide gave you some idea for a Christmas shopping. If you like to do a sustainable shopping and save money I would love to share all special discounts with you. All of this discounts are special for my readers, so I am very pleased to share them with you. And don’t forget to come regularly, I will be updating site weekly. For more sustainable brands check my sustainable brand directory.

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What do you get for your family and friends this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.