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Sustainable Brand: Jesse Kamm

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I came to this incredible brand browsing the Pinterest. First I was hooked on the jacket what I saw and I wanted to find out more. And then I couldn’t stop reading. Jesse Kamm the designer and owner of this brand has an incredible life, not just by designing clothes and having her own business but the way as she lives. She enjoys the life to the fullest with the minimalist approach. She reflects her life ideology in the clothes what she presents to us.

The Begging Of The Journey

Her creative life started at an early age in rural Illinois. She grew up in a Swiss village and her dad builds their house with the help of 2 library books and his hands. That was a starting point for a little Jesse to be creative. She doesn’t just design the clothes, but she even likes to do some building projects and furniture. She stands behind the idea that everything can be DIY and repurposed.

It is reflected in her designs. Collections are comfortable and with a twist pointing to our roots, to nature.

sustainable brand: Jesse Kamm



As I mentioned before, she does the small building projects and creates her own furniture, but she also lives a life to the fullest. She lives in California for 9 months and other 3 months of the year she spends in Panama where she surfs and lives the minimalist life.


Jesse Kamm

Capsule Wardrobe

Jesse Kamm pieces are perfect items to add to your capsule wardrobe. The clean design in natural colours.

Jesse Kamm is definitely the brand worth checking.


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