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Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge September Update

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September is over and I am back here to report my whole month of curating my wardrobe. Let me tell you, it is not about the wardrobe anymore it is about a life and the future. It all started with the idea to build a perfect wardrobe and to use everything that I have and not to add any fashion pieces for a whole year, but as months pass by, I discovered it is life changing. Let me explain everything.

When It All Started

It started with the idea to curate my closet to the best possible mirror of myself. You know the fluff going around ” keep the pieces what suits you and get rid of everything that is worn out or doesn’t fit anymore “. This was when it all started, but what if some clothes still fits, is not that badly worn out and you know your shape will change in a couple of months? Yes, I was expecting my second child when I came with the idea but realised I totally need that to curate my wardrobe. I just do it differently. Instead of getting rid of all of this nearly worn out pieces I still wear them until they fall apart completely. I just don’t get rid of items just because I am bored of them.

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - September

How Far I Came

So far I came to the point when I am confused with the brands. Mostly I am shopping with the budget in mind or design my own clothing ( which is the best ). Shopping with the budget means I buy clothes from the supermarket as well. And this is the funny thing, the cheapest clothes last me longer than a high street with the higher price tag on it. Especially t-shirts and shirts. This month I had to get rid of many t-shirts because they had loads of holes. They seriously fell apart. What I was surprised, t-shirts bought at the same store at the same time last exactly the same time. Nothing strange? Strange if one of them I worn every single week, literally washed and worn again, and other I worn might be 10x in two years and fell apart. Definitely, I will design more of my own clothes.

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - September

Autumn Came To Town

End of September means we have an Autumn in town already. It is actually my favourite time of the year, for me, it is the easiest season to get dress. I love all these big knits ( design by me ), jeans, a leather jacket or trench coat style. And that exactly what I will wear for the next few months. Plus the dresses more often, firstly I like to wear a dress with the opaques and secondly, I am really short on socks :).

Outfits inspiration

As always I give you some outfit inspiration for the next few weeks. Even with the few pieces, you can look stylish and stay warm. If you like more inspiration check my other posts.


Capsule Wardrobe My Way - September

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - September

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - September



Life Changing Experience

Do you remember as I started this post with a life change what this challenge gave me? Thanks to this website, hustling and struggling every day by figuring out how everything works and doesn’t work I started to offer freelance services. I build a website (, – in progress, – in progress) growing Pinterest accounts and helping small businesses to start up and grow. This website does the purpose what I had in mind when I started. If you like to read more, I will write a post with everything I do to help you to start your business.

I finally cracked the formula how to get more page views, in September my audience grew by 926%.  More about this in October.

Also, I plan to land new products in the shop, this time it will be for everyone to keep you motivated. It will be released within 2 weeks.

What would you do to change your life? Let me know in the comments. Psst, if you need a help to start a blog, website or shop let me know I am happy to help.

A Year Without Shopping Challenge

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