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Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping December Update

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The year came to the end and I am writing the last post of my capsule wardrobe challenge. It was an incredible year. Not just with a complete switch about shopping, but even finally I found the path and career that I want to do and what I really enjoy. It was a year of learning and developing the lifestyle that I enjoy and want to follow.

Capsule wardrobe my way - december update

The Beginning

I started slow, not really knowing what I am doing, but I didn’t want to follow the rule of wasting loads of stuff. I took a different path, using everything that I have and not buying anything for a year. First, it was just about not adding anything to a work/life wardrobe, but then I included everything. And when I say everything it was really everything, socks, underwear, casual clothes, shoes, bags … whatever you can think of I included in it. Yes, it came to the point I didn’t buy anything for the house as well. It became slow major cleaning of our house and wardrobes.

How I Built My Wardrobe In A Year

As I mentioned above I took the ‘ wear everything ‘ path. I tried to wear everything in different combinations. In a year I wore the clothes that I didn’t pull out of the wardrobe for a couple of years, and I fell in love with some of them again. Some pieces I kept wearing over and over again until they fell apart after a few months. When it happens I pull out something else. It went like that most of the time. If you are interested in how many items I got rid of I will prepare another post for this. The big clear out is around the corner. And this time I will be really strict.


Capsule wardrobe my way - december update

striped top/ long puffer coat/sweater, jeans, boots / trainers

What Came In

December is slightly different as I got a few new items. I got a few gifts from companies who I work with – A Baukjen striped top and Maximilian Boutique long puffer coat. But I also bought a few pieces myself at the end of the month but started to wear them on January 2nd. The sale started and I got really necessary pieces. My black jeans fell apart a long time ago and I was left with only one pair ( this one pair of jeans I was wearing for the whole winter holidays and I didn’t need more for 2 weeks ) and another purchase was the white shirt and a cashmere sweater in charcoal, also high on my shopping list because I didn’t have any for a few months now. I still need some short sleeve t-shirts but not necessary in the winter, I will wait until it gets a bit warmer. Except for this end of year purchases, I did not buy anything.

Outfit Inspiration

As I mentioned I replaced my old winter parka with a puffer coat, I included it in my outfit inspiration. Also, I included all my new pieces, you can see what I was already dreaming of to wear 🙂

Capsule wardrobe my way - december update

What I Learn

A lot. I know I don’t need 10 pairs of different jeans ( most of them didn’t even fit ), 20 t-shirts and a full wardrobe of stuff. I just need basics what I always wear, what I feel the best in and not to care that I wear the same clothes over and over again. Sometimes it’s really good not to buy anything for a while just to wear what I have. I learn not to shopping when I feel bored, is better to do something else. I learn loads of new skills, a few years ago it was something that I would never think of. I learn I don’t need to buy stuff to make me happy and satisfied. I enjoy it more when I have an emptier apartment and closet.

Point Of View

I told many people what I do, mostly I just wanted them to change their minds about shopping and also just to talk to them to find out what would they do. Surprisingly all of them got really supportive, ladies didn’t want to join. But they were really interested in everything. Most of them promised to try a shopping ban at least for a month. Another side was with men, I was a hero for them and they started to encourage their partners to do the same 🙂

Would you join me? Do you want to build a new wardrobe in a New Year? If you are scared or feels overwhelmed I am here to help. Just let me know.

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