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How To Style: Knitwear

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Winter is in a full swing and we love to keep warm and cosy. Most of us tend to pull out more and more knits so I just wanted to share some thoughts on styling the knitwear.

How To Style Knitwear

With the capsule wardrobe in place, it is very easy. As you can see in most of my posts I mostly style similar items. I just want to show you how stylish you can look with only a few pieces. Get the best quality pieces what last years to come. It is the same with the knitwear. You don’t need to follow trends.


How to style knitwear

My own knits ( TSF by Katarina )

What Kind Of Knits To Go For

Personally, I prefer to wear looser styles. Feel more comfortable and it is easier to wear layers underneath. There are so many options. Really popular styles at the moment are handmade or at least look alike handmade. It means chunky wool sweaters. Exactly the ones what we remember from our childhood. If you like something thinner then good options are cashmere, cotton or merino wool.

Look After Your Knit

As I mentioned above you can choose from lamb wool, acrylic wool, cashmere, cotton or merino wool. Whichever you go for, make sure you can take care of it properly, cashmere needs to be dry clean, so it lasts years to come. Mostly wool can be only washed on 30ºC or handwash. But when you find your best knit it is worth to make an effort and take care of it. Also when you store it don’t hang it on the hanger, I never do that ( only for the pictures ) but I fold it and store it in a dry place.


How to style knitwearTurtleneck, Pants, Leather Jacket, Tote, Trainers

Outfit Inspiration

As always I prepared some inspiration to keep you stylish but also warm in the best knits. You can find more inspiration here, here, here, here.


How to style knitwearSweater, Pants, Trenchcoat, Hat, Trainers

Brands To Go For


Do you like knits? What do you like to wear it with? Let me know in the comments or visit my Pinterest for more inspiration.

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