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How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe

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As the world is slowly getting back to normal and some of us need to return back to office life and work might be we need some inspiration on what to wear as we skipped one season completely. But it doesn’t mean we need to go headlessly shopping. Let’s use what we already have, might add a few pieces and enjoy summer to the fullest. The below would be my inspiration for how to build a summer work capsule wardrobe.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

Silk Shirt // Tops // Culottes // Dress // Shoes // Denim Jacket // Tote

How To Build a Summer Work Capsule Wardrobe

I already prepared some summer wardrobes a few posts ago andcapsule wardrobe for the hot climate. And work summer capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to be far away from it. I learnt a few lessons last year about what works and what doesn’t in the office. I learnt that a spaghetti top is an absolute nightmare in the office as we need to lean over the desk sometimes to have a closer look at the papers and short skirts are harder to work at as well. This year I would make a few changes to my work wardrobe or I would be more careful with my choices when it comes to working.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Basics

I am pretty sure you already have what you need in your all-year-round wardrobe. Might be you need to add a few pieces or swap a pencil skirt for a lighter flowy skirt. I feel like in the summer even strict office rules are not so strict, people are more relaxed and wearing a bit more casually. What is a great advantage, is no need to sit in the hot office in tight uncomfortable clothes. Your basics will work magic in the hot weather, especially if you build your minimalist capsule wardrobe from natural materials, cotton, linen and silk are your best friends.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

Silk shirt

The natural drape and the lightness of silk make it the best choice for hot days when you need to walk into the airconditioned office. Keeps you nice and cool outside and comfortable in the office.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

Cotton Top

As I mentioned above I learned the lesson last summer with the spaghetti top. Don’t get me wrong I love it and still have it but it is not the best choice for the office. As I leaned over my desk, or when I need to pick up something I kept checking my cleavage, it’s not nice to show off everything. This year I would prefer something more office-appropriate crew neck top would be a better choice.


It’s summer, don’t be afraid to wear more skirts and dresses. They are nice and flowy-looking professionals without too much effort.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe


One-piece outfit. What not to love about the great-looking dress. I would consider the length and material. I fell in love with COS minimalist dresses, or shirt dresses will never go out of style.


Pair of culottes are a great swap for classic office-style pants. With the heels, they are a killer option for powerful meetings.


Easy slip-on or simple sandals are the shoes that get the most use in my wardrobe. Easy to wear and style.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

Those are all capsule wardrobe basics that keep you cool and chic without compromising on style. Of course, that is just a simple guide and doesn’t need to be limited to these pieces. A simple t-shirt is a great option too.

What do you have or add to your work summer capsule wardrobe? What do you like to wear or not to wear in the office? Share some ideas with us so we can inspire each other.

Summer Work capsule wardrobe

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