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Capsule Wardrobe For Hot Climate

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How do you feel after so many weeks, months in the lockdown? Do you still feel inspired or a bit down? I feel a bit tired and with a lack of inspiration. We went through big changes lately, after settling down with our current situation and life I feel a bit down, and need a break. It was the same with today post, I thought I will skip it as I had not much to tell you and inspire you with. But then I read something that gave me a little kick. Most of the time I prepare outfits, what I think suits all kinds of climate, but as summer is approaching and many of you live in the hot climate countries I felt I would like to give you a bit of inspiration for that kind of condition and create a capsule wardrobe for hot climate. And if we’ll be able to travel this year, we can also take it as a travel list to hot climate destinations.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate

Strap Top Black  // Strap Top White //  Slip Skirt // Slip Dress // T-shirt // Top // Hat // Basket // Sandals // Slip-ons // Espadrilles

Capsule Wardrobe For Hot Climate

Summer, sea, and sand! These are the things so many people dream of all year long. For some of you, however, these ideals are just a part of an everyday routine in a climate that is much too hot to bear. So when one is running from one thing to another throughout the day with little or no time to hit the beach, what’s the best way for them to look good, and still feel comfortable and cool? The secret lies in the shape and material of certain clothing options you can choose from. You won’t feel great rocking that skin-tight polyester top when you can step out in a chic summer dress instead! Let’s have a look at how I would build my hot climate capsule wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate

Basics Of The Hot Climate Wardrobe

Dresses, flawless skirts, chic shorts and airy tops are the basics of the hot climate wardrobe.

Oversized dress from natural materials lets your skin breathe and makes you look chic. If you like more feminine dresses the shirt dress or wrap dress is a good choice.

A wrap skirt or a silk skirt paired with a simple t-shirt is a great option for work. To sit in the air conditioning office for a whole day can be too much sometimes, so to have a bit of sleeve on your shoulders can be a nice touch.

Silk tops and flowy tops are great for looking polished but professional, keep you fresh all day and natural material will look great even in the next few years.

To add a bit of freedom to your wardrobe, shorts and linen pants are perfect when you need to run around either for kids or for shopping. A long version is a great companion if in any case, the weather gets colder.

Accessories – leather sandals for work, espadrilles for weekends and for everything else all-time basics slip-on are your staples. Hat and sunnies are your best friends, and lovely summery finishing touch will be added to the basket.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate


Always try to stick to natural materials. Silk keeps you cool, cotton and linen let your skin breathe and it’s really airy. I stick to leather shoes as they last for many years to come and straw accessories are the summer must-haves.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate


I love neutrals and I stick with them even for now. But summer is here to enjoy colours and feel the fresh air. So if you like to add something more colourful this is the best capsule wardrobe where you can add whatever you like.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate

If you like a bit more inspiration for what to add to your hot climate wardrobe have a look at my Pinterest or check the Travel light in the summer post.

Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate

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Capsule Wardrobe for hot climate

And if you are sucked with your wardrobe or fashion choices the ‘ How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe‘ eBook would be a great choice for you to start with. It will guide you through the body shapes, helps you to define your style and touch the base of colour analysis. With the workbooks included we set you up for the right fashion path and help you to do smart shopping decisions. You won’t feel uncomfortable anymore in your own clothes or spend too much money on the clothes that you never wear again.

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