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Sustainable Gifts

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We have a few weeks to Christmas and most of us rushing around either getting presents or still thinking what to buy for the loved ones. I teamed up with Organic Basics to help you choose the best presents for family and friends. Organic Basics has such great items that you can give it for Christmas, Birthday, Namedays or just because you want to make someone happy. I will introduce you to items what I tried, wear and love so you can be sure you giving something that makes someone really happy for years to come, and when they wear this item they will think of you.


Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable Gifts

As a true minimalist, I don’t believe in a rush Christmas presents. The presents should be thoughtful and giving with the intention of long term use. The items what I suggest would be great for anyone, your husband, wife, mum, dad, daughter, son, for travellers and even stay at home parents. It doesn’t matter what you do everyone deserves the best items in the wardrobe.


Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics


It is ok to give bare basic to your loved ones. Make it different, choose comfortable and sustainable basics. For ladies, it is really nice to give, soft and comfortable underwear made of organic cotton, but make sure you know the right size as they run a bit smaller in size.

For men, you can go in the same direction, as my husband says, you can’t go wrong with pair or two of boxers and socks, something what they always need. Covered in the softness of organic cotton.


Sustainable Gifts

Minimalists T-shirts

I mentioned it so many times and I have to say it again, the SilverTech t-shirts are the best t-shirts what I ever owned and worn. They are made of organic cotton with the silver yarn what makes it work really well for your busy days. They are odourless and you can wear them for longer and more days in the row. They make a perfect piece of travel wardrobe, but even in everyday life. My husband fell in love with this t-shirt. For travellers, it is the best t-shirt what they can buy and wear. Worn every day in town but if there is higher and steeper terrain in the way it will work just fine. If you are looking for a classic day t-shirt the Organic Basics has the softest cotton t-shirts for men and women made in fair and sustainable factories.


Everything Else

If these are not your cup of tea gifts and you are looking for something different, Organic Basics has a wide range of cashmere beanies, scarves, gloves and zero waste accessories. Water bottle or a cotton tote can be a really useful and thoughtful gift.


Sustainable Gifts


In a world full of plastic, wrapping and over packaging I would like to point to the fact that whatever you choose it will come in a grey box with a really thoughtful message. As soon as you open the box you will find small paper bags either pink or dark grey, it depends on the line what you choose, but this little bags look so good that is ready to be placed under a Christmas tree, or give it for a birthday or just because. The best thing what I want to point at, you don’t need to waste your time with wrapping or planning your gifts.


Sustainable Gifts


To show you that Organic Basics is a really ethical company with amazing products, what I love, they like to more people to try the products.  You can use the code PRETACOBC2 for a 10% discount to try it yourself.


If you like more inspiration and you like to read more about the products you can find review over here. And if you are not sure if the basics t-shirts are right for you or your partner find the outfit inspiration here and here.


Sustainable Gifts


Hope I helped you a bit with your gifts and to choose quality over quantity.


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