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A Crossbody Bag

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One of the must-have item in your capsule wardrobe should be a small bag ideally crossbody to take it for a weekend and special occasion. The minimal design is something that you are aiming for. I show you how to style a  small crossbody bag for any occasion with any outfit.


How To Style Crossbody Bag

T-shirt / Jeans / Sweater / Bag / Shoes

How To Style A Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag is one of the best bags to own. You don’t overstuff it with unnecessary items and your hands are always free to hold kids or to carry shopping. Or hold the hand of your loved one. Crossbody bag can be used even for the more dress-up occasion when you hide or detached the strap you have lovely small evening bag what you carry in hand.

How To Style Crossbody Bag

Shoes / Coat 

What Material To Choose

My absolute favourite material is leather, I know it can be pricier as leather usually is, but it lasts the longest. When you think the price per wear it actually works out not that expensive. I remember the bags what my grandmother used to carry and they still looked great even after years. If you are looking for a budget-friendly bag you can look here, here or here. All these brands make beautiful vegan leather bags that last and you won’t notice the difference.


How To Style Crossbody Bag


Design and Colour

I am all for minimalist style in neutral colours. My go-to is black for a few years now. It is easy to style, wear with everything and match my whole wardrobe. When it comes to strapping you can choose from a variety of lengths and width. If you like to go for a classic style the better option would be a longer and thinner strap. For fashionable style, designers come with a really nice thick strap or strap in a different colour as a big contrast to the rest of the bag. As with everything else, it needs to fit your style. If you are not sure, go for neutrals like black, brown, navy or beige.


How To Style Crossbody Bag

What To Wear It With

My favourite is a simple look of jeans and t-shirt from Organic Basics, my absolute favourite is a Silvertech one what really works the best when I need to go through loads of stress and running around. This t-shirt works magic and saves you extra work in case of the laundry load. You really can wear this tee for a bit longer not only for a day. If you are not sure and you would like to try it use code PRETACOBC2 for 10% off. For the colder days wear your little bag with a sweater. It looks really stylish with a skirt and a chunky turtleneck. Whatever your style is the little crossbody will compliment it.


What is your go-to bag? Let me know in the comments what is your go-to brand for a little crossbody bag? Share link with us. As always if you like more inspiration for outfit ideas you can find it on my Pinterest or you can find more style posts over here.










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