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Puffer Coat

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Recently I received a request to create more posts with the winter style in mind. The request came from a lady who lives in the cold climate when most of the time winter temperatures reach below zero. Living in London I nearly forgot how does it feel to create a fashionable outfit when all you want to do is wrap yourself in the thickest and longest scarf, thick woollen beanie and wear the longest puffer what you can find. But puffer jackets don’t need to be that unfashionable and unflattering any more. I show you how to style your puffer coat this winter to keep you warm and stylish.


How to wear Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat / Sweater / Jeans / Crossbody Bag / Boots / Crossbody Bag with Clip

How to Style Puffer Coat

When I first tried on the puffer coat I was like ‘ I look like a bear ‘, but it doesn’t need to be true. Puffer coat can be actually really stylish piece in the coldest winter days. New puffer coats aren’t that thick and keep you warm, and when you get one with the interesting detail no need for anything else. It will do the talk. What I love about the puffer coat I don’t need to wear many layers underneath, t-shirt, shirt or a sweater is more than enough.

How to wear Puffer Coat

What To Wear With It

As I mentioned above you can wear it with anything, it isn’t only good for a weekend look but also good to take to work. You can wear the puffer with trainers and boots as well.

How to wear Puffer Coat


Most of the parkas are made of the polyester, but Everlane recycled the polyester and created their newest parkas. And it is also filled with recycled down and feather. With the puffer like this, you would have all in one, sustainable, recycled and warmest jacket what you can ask for.

How to wear Puffer Coat


What is your go-to jacket for the winter? If you like more inspiration how to wear big puffer coats as always you can find it on my Pinterest.

If you would like to add a long-lasting piece to your wardrobe you can buy the sustainable pieces in my shop.





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