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Can Be Luxury Fashion Made Sustainably?

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In a time when the internet is full of glamorous ladies wearing luxury fashion and on another hand, sustainability is taking place we can get a bit confused about what is right and what’s not. How to keep the best possible style but being sustainable too. Let’s be honest, we don’t need to wear designers clothes with the hefty price tag to have luxury pieces in our wardrobes. There are rising brands who make luxury clothes sustainably and without costing us a fortune. Luxury items are the pieces that are made of the most expensive materials and well fitted. But can be a luxury fashion made sustainably?


The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?

Can Be Luxury Fashion Made Sustainably

Luxury fashion is made of the finest materials, think of wool, cashmere, silk, leather. Also, the cut and the style is of high quality. When we take all of this, the price is high, but is it the real cost of the clothes? And is it made fair and sustainably? I found a few brands who do a great job with the finest materials and their range is made sustainably because they do only what they are the best at. And the price is affordable. Might be some of us need to save a bit of money, but it doesn’t need to be saving worth of few months paychecks.

The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?

Silk Shirt

A capsule wardrobe staple, luxurious on its own but most of the time unaffordable piece in our wardrobe. It also can be a bit more difficult to take care of. But I found the luxury silk shirt made of the finest silk and washable. The Fable is an Australian based company who specialise in the production of the well-fitted silk shirts.

Cashmere Sweater

Everyone talking about cashmere and aiming to add it to their wardrobes as soon as possible. And for a good reason. It is luxury natural material higher in price but lasts a long time. It becomes softer with age. More you wear it, more hugable it becomes. Even if you choose a more affordable option but from an ethical company you will have a luxury piece without a hefty price tag. The amazing colour and style option can be found at Peoples republic of cashmere. The company is based in Scandinavia.


We are looking for something that looks great, not too small, made of leather and even made in the best possible sustainable working condition. The Atomy met all of this. Their bags are beautifully made by local artisans. The company ethic is to keep production locally in Poland to support their economy. Their bags come in interesting shapes but at very classic and long-lasting style.   Have a look at the DemellierLondon styles. Would you still dream of a Chanel?

The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?


The coats are quite often considered as an investment piece for the right reason. We want something classic, what fits our style and lifestyle. We will wear it most of the time and it is the first piece of clothing what everyone sees in the winter. It should suit us in its best but also be warm. But not often we can afford the high quality and really expensive coats. The Curated does a great job, their coats are made of cashmere and wool in classics styles.

The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?

Winter Accessories

What can add extra luxury to a winter outfit? For me, it is cashmere shawl and a wide brim hat. Wearing a hat gives you a more glamorous look and a bit of mystery. And to keep you warm or used as an extra layer around the shoulders, the shawl is a must-have piece. Both pieces are made sustainably and at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Equal Uprise supporting local makers in South America. P.A.C. shawls are made in small family own factory in Northern China where the best quality cashmere comes from.

The Edit: can be luxury fashion made sustainably?


And I couldn’t left behind the basics as I don’t understand why the simple cotton t-shirt costs a few hundred dollars. At Organic Basics, you can get the same and might be an even better quality one, at an affordable price and made sustainably. Cotton is organically grown and the garments are sewn in Turkey in sustainable factories. You can get a high-quality cotton t-shirt with 10% off when you use the code PRETACOBC2. Since I tried these t-shirts I didn’t buy any other. Quality is really exceptional.

What is your most luxurious piece what you own? Let me know in the comments all your favourite sustainable brands. Sharing is caring. Let us know about them.

Also if you like more style ideas without spending a fortune on a new piece you can find the inspiration in my How to style series. 



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