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How To Style: Wide Leg Pants

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Lately, I see more and more  fashionable ladies wear wide leg pants in the streets and in the magazines. It looks like a skinny trend is over and we moved to more relaxed styles. It is probably the trend coming and going, but I can tell you that I have my smart black wide-leg pants for over 10 years and I never felt like I am out of fashion when I wear them. I guess it depends on the style and personal preferences. If I got one in bright colour I would definitely not wear them for that long.

How To Style Wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants or here/ stripe top/ Heels / White t-shirt/

Where to shop:

COS // Arket //

How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Lately, I love to wear my wide leg pants with a white t-shirt and a white trainers. Such a classic casual look. But smart look and fit of trousers make it still appropriate for the office. If you wear them with the heels you are ready for any kind of meeting or situation.

Classic Wide Leg Fit

Many women are, I would say, really careful to wear wide leg pants, they think they are either short or that they have a body shape that doesn’t suit the kind of look. But that shouldn’t be the case. The wide fit of pants makes the body silhouette nice and tall. If you get long pants and they get to cover the shoes or at least they reach the bottom of the shoes the silhouette will be optically longer for the petite ladies. So what to worry about? Give it a try. One more thing to remember they need to fit nicely around your waist and bum. Otherwise, you will look rather sad than confident.

How To Style Wide leg pants

What To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

It is one of the classic pieces in your capsule wardrobe. So whatever you’ll go for will definitely match your pants. If you like to wear your wide leg pants for work wear them with heels and a white tee for a smart casual look. Once you add a bright red lipstick you will shine on a Monday morning. Or if you want to wear them for a weekend, go for stripes and trainers and a biker jacket you will create a killer look. For a classic feminine look wear them with the tight top or blouse.

How To Style Wide leg pants

What do you think of the wide leg pants? Did I reassure you that wide leg pants are not such a bad idea? or are you still strictly slim leg pants girl? Let me know in the comments. If you like to get more inspiration on  How To Style  the pieces from your versatile capsule wardrobe keep reading over here.

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