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Travel Light To Bali In Winter

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Many of us would like to escape to warmer weather when the winter took the place in the full strength. Some of us are really lucky and work hard for that kind of trip. I was asked to give a hand with the packing. I have done a few travel wardrobes for my own trips and shared it with you, but this one is a bit different as I never been there. I had to consider a few special requests. Here is what I would pack and why.

Travel Light to Bali in Winter

Travel Light To Bali In Winter

You don’t need to overpack to such a dreamy destination as Bali and Indonesia are. At that time of the year, the weather should be very pleasing and welcoming. It makes it a bit easier to pack lighter clothes, but if you plan to visit the religious places you will need to consider some rules. You can’t wear shorts and have bare arms. But with the easy tricks, you still can visit these places without extra hassle. Pack smart and you won’t miss anything. Something like a scarf can do a lot.

Travel Light to Bali in Winter

What To Pack

Jeans and light sweater are great for a journey when you need to dress for winter and air-conditioned flights and airports. But in the final destination, you will step into warm and humid air. If you wear the light hard-working t-shirt underneath it will help you through this change. At least until you reach the place where you plan to stay. The light, natural and hard-working materials will be your best friends.

SilverTech t-shirts – these t-shirts work really hard to keep you fresh for a few days. And that’s what you need, simple t-shirts what keeps you fresh with as little washing as possible. Thanks to a silver yarn these t-shirts are made exactly for it.

Cami Tops – to keep you chill and looking your best.

Shirt – simple shirt can work magic, it is lightweight enough to keep you cool in the hot and humid weather and will allow you to step inside to all of the religious places where you need to cover your bare arms.

Wrap Skirt – light and easy to wear with the easy wrap over your shorts when you need it. Doesn’t take that much space in the backpack and you can still wear a pair of shorts if you like to.

Travel Light to Bali in Winter

Shorts – they are a great option for long walks and little hikes.

Leggins – I would take them for long hikes, they would have to be made of technical materials. Work hard not to overheat the body.

Hiking Boots, Trainers and Sandals – you can’t wear trainers to the mountains, you will need good ankle support to prevent a foot and knee injuries. That’s the last thing what you want on your holidays. Trainers are a great option for light trails and sandals take you to the beach.

Swimwear and accessories – that’s the easiest items to pack. Your favourite bikini, scarf and beach towel, sunglasses, backpack for hikes and little trips, and last but not least little crossbody bag to keep your belongings safe and on hand while you travel.

Travel Light to Bali in Winter

As you probably noticed I prepared the travel wardrobe from the basics what we already have in our wardrobe, adding only a few pieces what I think would be great for this trip, but you can use them and wear them anytime in the future. What would you pack on that kind of trip? Would you change or add something? Please let me know in the comments. For more outfit inspiration you can browse here.

Travel Light to Bali in Winter

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