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Capsule Wardrobe 2022 Edit

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A few years ago I decided to build a capsule wardrobe. I was curious and so I tried it out. Since then I curated my capsule wardrobe even more. Scroll down to see my capsule wardrobe 2022 edit. The whole capsule wardrobe experiment started off as a way to prune down my material items and get rid of clothes that were in excess, but then it turned into something much more and even created space for me to find my true self through minimalism. This experiment pushed me to start buying better quality products based on what “sparked joy” instead of impulse purchasing fashion pieces that lacked meaning. Lastly, it inspired me enough to turn this interest into a sustainable business where I’ve been able to live my dream through the minimalist fashion movement. Are you curious to see what I actually bought/get to my capsule wardrobe in 2022?

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

Wrap Top // T-shirts // White Tank Top // Black Tank Top // Birkenstock // Leather Belt // Linen Trousers // Mules // Boots sold out// Tailored Trousers sold out

Capsule Wardrobe 2022 Edit

You might be wondering what it was that I had decided to purchase. In truth, I decided to invest only in six items, the remaining items were added to my business and one was gifted. Not much right? I keep adding items to my life with extreme precaution so that they don’t take over and lessen the quality of life at home. I kept my capsule wardrobe 2022 well curated by adding only 11 items in a year. Most of those items were added for a summer season as I felt that part of my wardrobe needed a bit of update.

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

What I bought

Plain white T-shirt – is something that needs to be replaced quite often. It is such a basic that I can’t even imagine to live without it. I won’t be dramatic, but it’s a staple in my wardrobe. It can be worn with anything, as I had only one plain t-shirt I had to replace it. Since I wear it so often I got 2.

Ribbed White Vest – I didn’t have any ribbed white vest for many years. But I noticed that I would get good use of one. So I got one this summer and I can tell it was a good decision.

Tailored Trousers – I came to the point when I prefer more comfortable clothes than just a jeans. As I am not ‘ sweatpants girl ‘ I decided to get pair of wide leg masculine tailored pants. They are comfortable but thanks to a tailored fit smart enough to wear to the office.

Birkenstock sandals – as my leather sandals falling apart I wanted to save them for a bit so I decided to get myself a pair of Birkenstock sandals. It was a good decision as they are great to walk in and fits perfectly with my new smart casual style.

Leather ankle boots – if you follow my journey for a while you probably noticed that I planed to get pair of ankle boots since last year. The were high on my 2022 capsule wardrobe wishlist. I was lucky enough to score the Mango leather ankle boots. They look like Toteme square toe, and quality is really good. I am really pleased with this purchase.

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

Pret a Collection Basic Items

At the beginning of spring of 2021, I decided to follow my creative urge and start the Pret a Collection fashion brand. The pieces are designed by me in collaboration with a wonderful expert seamstress to craft them into masterpieces. It is made up of basics so as to make it possible for every one of my clients to mix and match different pieces while creating their own unique style with some accessories. All the pieces are handmade, unique and made to order. I wear all my clothes daily which makes me feel fabulous, especially when I receive lots of compliments on their quality. See below what was added to curated collection in 2022.

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

Trench Coat // Jeans

Ribbed Cotton Black Vest – same as with the white ribbed vest top. I felt the need of something that can be well used in anyone’s capsule wardrobe. Black is basic and lasts longer, so that’s the reason why I went for black ribbed cotton vest. The vest is made of 100% cotton.

Linen Trousers – firstly I planed to add to a collection the perfect pair of smart trousers, but as we the summer approached I changed my mind and fell in love with the idea of creating perfect linen trousers.

Wrap Top – I love to wear shirts. But lately I was missing dressed up top. I had a wrap top on my mind for a while, so it was a natural choice to design one. It is versatile piece of clothing, and once dressed with the jeans it makes the whole outfit to look more dressier.

Slim Leather Black Belt – as I mentioned in my 2022 wishlist post ” the belt wasn’t a high priority as I didn’t use it a lot, but lately, I would love to change the look of my outfits as my wardrobe gets smaller. And surprisingly I can’t find my old leather belt anywhere. I had to lose it while we moved. The belt was added in the need of the change of my daily uniform. ” So here we come, I added a belt not only to my capsule wardrobe but also to my Pret a Collection basic collection. It is handmade piece that compliments any style and wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

The Gifted Items

I also added pair of mules to my 2022 capsule wardrobe. I wasn’t particularly looking for a new pair of mules but when Vivaia team approached me I love the idea behind the brand. This cooperation with Vivaia was better than I could have imagined of!

Capsule Wardrobe Summary 2022

// Blazer //

Summary Of Capsule Wardrobe 2021

It all started with an experiment, but that doesn’t mean my capsule wardrobe falls short in impact or meaning. In fact, it completely changed my whole lifestyle around – from what I buy and wear to other different things besides fashion too like how I view my finances and more. Overall, living a minimalist life means summoning the courage for something new regardless of your present relationship status with consumerism. The best way to get there? Start small. For example: first try finding ways to reduce how much you spend before cutting back on how often you shop!

If you’re wondering how my capsule wardrobe changed from my first until now, this article reflects on my first experience with the capsule wardrobe. You can also follow my whole shopping ban project over here.

Capsule Wardrobe 2022 edit

Oversized sweater or this and this // Long Winter coat style like COS , The Curated or Toteme // Sunglasses // Puffer Coat or here and here // Wool Tailored Trousers

My 2023 Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

Lasts but not least, I need to add my 2023 wishlist. As I didn’t got some items that were on my 2022 wishlist, I mostly moved them to a new year wishlist. It include the below items.

Oversized sweater – I only have one thick wool oversized sweater. It is a handmade piece, that I love to keep for as long as possible. Also I realized as my summer wardrobe got a bit of update I would love to add some winter pieces. The oversized sweater is one of them.

Winter coat – is still on my wishlist. Hopefully this year will be the right year to get one.

Wool tailored trousers – I added one tailored trousers to summer wardrobe, but also I would love to add the smart touch of tailored trousers to my winter wardrobe.

Puffer coat – my old puffer is falling apart. So I really need to get one ASAP. But I will search for a one that I love and lasts for a few years.

Sunglasses – are the highest on my wishlist. I’ve been wearing my Saint Laurent one for 7 years now, and the starting to look really tired. I just hoping they lasts until I got a new pair.

What’s on your 2023 capsule wardrobe wishlist? Or do you have any other plans with your capsule wardrobe?

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