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Capsule Wardrobe For Petites

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If you follow my online journey for a while you already know that I decided to focus on petite fashion. I am quite petite myself and I always wanted to put together outfits without worrying about whether or not the clothes were the best fit for my body type. What often was not the case was because trousers were too long or dresses didn’t flatter me in the right way. Of course, skirts fitted weirdly on me and especially shirts were a total nightmare. Luckily, I eventually found my personal style and know what styles fit my petite frame although putting together outfits can still be challenging every now and then because there are so many pieces that simply do not work well with my body type. Below you will find my approach to a capsule wardrobe (an edit of your part) that is made up of clothing pieces that work well with short frames like mine! Below you can find my approach to a capsule wardrobe for Petites.

capsule wardrobe for petites

Shortsleeve Rollneck // Similar Wrap Blouse // Leather Jacket // Jeans // Dress // Coat // Blazer // Pants // Shortsleeve Rollneck // Top // Bag // Sunglasses //  Shoes // Shirt //

Capsule Wardrobe For Petites

Over here you saw me create a few kinds of capsule wardrobes, but the capsule wardrobe for Petites is closest to my actual frame. I am only 160cm ( 5’3 ) tall 😉 and average weight and shape. Not skinny at all. And here is what I found fits my body the best.

capsule wardrobe for petites


Let’s start with the most worn item in everyone wardrobe. The best jeans that fit petite frames are mom jeans kind type. High-waisted with the tighter around the legs but not too tight. Also, straight jeans are a good option but make them a bit longer which falls over your shoes and makes your legs look much longer. And if you wear them with the pointed toe shoes it will add a bit of high.


Tighter tops or wrap tops are our preferred choice. If you like loose-fitting clothes as I do, I try to stick to ones that fit nicely on the shoulders. It gives me more of a structured/tailored fit and I don’t look like a clothes hanger.  Also, it will fit nicer under the jackets/blazers without adding unnecessary bulk under the arms.

capsule wardrobe for petites


When I have done research everyone mentioned skirts above the knees fits the best the petite frames. But what if we don’t like them? My favourite type is just below the knees and mid/high-waisted.  Same as with jeans and trousers it gives you a bit of high without wearing heels.


The best dresses for us petite ladies are the belted dress. It doesn’t matter if you prefer shirt dresses or wrap dresses it gives us a nice shape and makes us look a bit taller. Worn with heels are a perfect match.

capsule wardrobe for petites


Try to go for heels as many times as possible. It gives you a bit of high but also loads of confidence. And you don’t need to wear the sky heel stilettos, you will be perfectly fine even with the kitten heels.


This is another discussable piece, the same as skirts. I would go for under knee one, but suggested is above the knee. Whatever you feel the most comfortable and warm in, go for it. You will look the best in the clothes that fit your personality the most.

capsule wardrobe for petites


When I was looking for a perfect blazer I was looking for an oversized fit.  I got it at the end, but I realized the same as with the shirts, without knowing it. I chose one that fitted the best around the shoulders. The rest I am keeping nicely loose.

The capsule wardrobe for Petites doesn’t need to be different from any other capsule wardrobe. We just need to be more careful about the fit and especially the length of the garments for our shorter torso. hopefully, this little guide gave you some idea of what to look for when you go hit the shops again to replace anything in your capsule wardrobe.

capsule wardrobe for petites

What did you find the most challenging when you shop for your petite size? And what do you like to wear the most? I also created a new Pinterest board to help you to find more inspiration once you create your perfect capsule wardrobe.

If you like to add something that I missed or you found fits petite ladies please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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