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How To Style Mom Jeans

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If you fell in love with your capsule wardrobe, you probably have a hard time to find new items to add to your wardrobe. You became really selective, you are more careful with shape, material and style. And that’s my problem as well. Before I would buy whatever I liked, with only a few items having strict criteria. Recently I found trends completely uninterested, but what caught my attention was mom’s jeans. I don’t know why that type of jeans became mine ‘trend’ this year.

How to style mom jeans

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What Type of Jeans is Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are really specific style, they were here at the 90s but made a come back in a modern style. A bit ripped at hems and in modern shades of blue, black or white. Mom jeans are a perfect fit for all of you who likes tight fit around hips, doesn’t like to show their underwear when they band – high waist support that part, they are looser around tights a narrower at the ankle. Reaching the ankle bone they make a statement jeans with the high heels. I found the mom jeans really flattering, as they are made of 100% cotton and high waist holds the tummy in without creating a muffin top.

How to style mom jeans

How To Style Mom Jeans

To style, mom jeans are easier than you think. Wear them with everything what you already have in your capsule wardrobe. They are classic jeans for grown-up women. Forget about skinny type jeans after 30, there is nothing stylish about it anymore. The high waisted jeans are your go-to style, to look smart and put together. They look great with a white shirt and heels or loafers as they look great for a less formal and more casual weekend outfit. Wear them with your trenchcoat and cashmere sweater for an effortless look. If you spend your summer in the city they will create a great combe with the crisp white shirt, leather mules and a straw bag. French ladies know a thing about the high waisted jeans. Wear them preferably with heels, loafers or mules.

How to style mom jeans

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100% Cotton is Must

Mom jeans wouldn’t look good if you decided to give them a bit of stretch, so give them a full potential and look for one what is made of 100% cotton. The rigid material gives you the right support in the parts where you need it the most. They might be a bit less comfortable than your usual stretch jeans but they get worn in.

How to style mom jeans

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I opted for a really classic blue style, as I never owned that kind of colour jeans. And got a second pair in aged black aka washed out black. I plan to wear blue as my summer jeans, and they look so good with the slingbacks. And a black pair is a great style for autumn/winter paired together with the ankle boots.

How to style mom jeans

T-shirt // Tote

To avoid looking too casually in the trainers and looser jeans wear them with the right accessories. Straw basket or leather tote and the right sunglasses makes the whole look classic and expensive.

How to style mom jeans

If you like to see more outfit ideas How to style your capsule wardrobe have a look at my Pinterest or below posts.


How to style mom jeans

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