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How To Style a Denim Jacket

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Warmer days are slowly but surely approaching, and we started to pull off lighter pieces from our wardrobes. One of the staples to wear from early spring all through the summer until late autumn is considered a denim jacket. It is a simple piece to throw over summer dresses, light knit or a simple t-shirt to look chic without too much effort. A denim jacket is a great alternative to a leather jacket for spring/summer season. Stay with me to show you how to style a denim jacket if you still considering to included it in your capsule wardrobe.


How to style a denim jacket

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How To Style a Denim Jacket

Consider your denim jacket as you would your leather jacket. We wear a leather jacket with everything. Why not to a denim jacket? It is an ideal item to wear over your summer dresses, t-shirt or for an early spring or late autumn to throw over your light knit. The denim jacket is a more dress-up jacket compare to a leather jacket. It is also a great alternative to all of us who are not big fans of cardigans.

How to style a denim jacket

The right style

If you like to keep your look a bit edgier, the ripped denim jacket is just right. But if you like to keep a more polished and dress-up style you would like to go for a classic dark denim jacket. It is a suitable option to replace your blazer for work when it’s worn with black pants, skirt or over your work dress.

How to style a denim jacket

The best colour

As with everything else in your capsule wardrobe, the denim jacket should be colour coordinated.  But personally I think there is nothing more classic and timeless as dark blue. I’ve bought mine 16 years ago, still fits me well and I always like to wear. Instead of my other light blue denim, with a bit of ripped look, I feel like I have outgrown it a few years ago.


How to style a denim jacket

What length is the best

The denim jacket market is wide with endless options. But I consider something as a staple item I think about coming years not only present. The most classic length is to reach your hips but not being too low neither too high. Just sitting nicely. If it goes too low it will widen the hips, if it’s too high the jacket can look cheap, what will destroy the whole outfit. Keep the oversized models to 20 something. How to style a denim jacket

The last what I like about the denim jacket is they look so good with the summer baskets. You don’t need to compromise on the look and summer accessories if you are not lucky enough living by the sea.


Hope I helped you to decide on the spring/summer staple. And to keep that denim jacket in your capsule wardrobe. Or if you don’t have one to think about purchasing one. As always if you like a bit more inspiration, my Pinterest or other style posts are full of outfits.

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