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How To Wear a Dress-Up Blouse Casually

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Capsule wardrobe idea is to have the most wear of all your items. But how to wear dress-up clothes when we are working from home, or our work dress code is more casual? I was struggling with the same, my better clothes were sitting in the wardrobe, without actually wearing them. What’s the point to own something really pretty, might be luxurious without showing it? The whole point of clothes is to wear them. Wear your dress-up clothes casually.

How to wear dress up blouse casually

How To Wear a Dress-up Blouse Casually

Whatever style you have, you can always wear a dress-up blouse. You don’t like the feminine style? Not a problem, wear a blouse with trainers. It gives your style a bit of the edge. Or going for a date but you want to feel comfortable and a bit of laid back? Perfectly fitted jeans and heels are your go-to items. Are you going shopping and you want to feel a bit put together? The loose blouse and loafers will solve the problem. You can feel that endless summer when you wear a white embroidery blouse with a woven basket.

How to wear dress up blouse casually

Materials, Style and Colour

Floaty, cotton and luxurious are your pieces to look for. It’s your one of a kind piece, might be an investment piece, you want to keep it for longer and make you look your best for special occasions. This a piece what can be a bit more colourful than the rest of your wardrobe or completely out of your style. Something that everyone notices when you walk in. When you will wear that one single piece of clothing it will make you feel like a million-dollar babe.

How to wear dress up blouse casually

What To Wear It With

With everything what you already have in your wardrobe. Try to find unexpected combinations. Play around and have fun. You will see how that single ‘better’ item makes you feel special, attractive and so powerful.

How to wear dress up blouse casually

I browsed the internet for sustainable luxury pieces, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything yet. So I styled items, they offer 15% off with code NEW15. We all trying to live more sustainably but it’s better to buy what you really love then 2 ‘ I’ll be ok with it ‘ pieces.


How to wear dress up blouse casually

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