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How To Style Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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Last few days I honestly not doing anything only browsing for missing pieces in my wardrobe. I know it is pretty bad but since I created the Fall/Winter Wish list it is much easier then it used to be. I strictly follow my ‘shopping list’ what made browsing easier and quicker. With this tiny shopping list, I added so many options to my wardrobe. I would like to show you what exactly I bought and how I am going to style my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe.


T-Shirt / Turtleneck / Trainers / Bag / Leather Jacket / Trenchcoat

How To Style Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I trying to keep my wardrobe to a minimum so I am carefully thinking what will I add. With only 5 new items it gives me more options to wear my summer dresses in the fall.  Layers are the key. I will wear a sleeveless shirt dress with the turtleneck underneath. Or slip dress with a t-shirt. Silk skirt will look absolutely great with the knit and boots. And for the colder months, I can add more layers with the denim jacket, blazer or leather jacket under a winter coat.

What I Bought, Where and Why

Turtleneck Top 

The piece what I thought I will never add to my wardrobe. But I found it as a really versatile piece and the classic at the same time. I got it in black for versatility and to match the rest of my wardrobe. Looking forward to wearing it all winter. I got my from a friend who I helping with the website, but you can get a similar one here.

Black T-shirt

The best piece in a minimalist wardrobe. The simple black t-shirt is so versatile and easy to style with any kind of outfit. I got mine from Organic Basics, this t-shirt is a lifesaver especially in a hectic and stressful everyday life.  Silveretech technology doesn’t let you down. It never shows the underarm sweat spots. I wore it for 3 days, not sure how I manage to keep it clean for that long with 2 kids, but more important for me, it doesn’t stink at all. That makes this t-shirt not just a great everyday t-shirt but also a great piece for travelling. Don’t be worry that Sivertech means something synthetic, it is actually the softest cotton t-shirt what I ever have worn. You can get yours with the 10% discount when you use the code PRETACOBC

Silk Skirt

I fell in love with this skirt. Midi length and flowing material makes this skirt great to style in any way. I like to wear it with the sneakers for weekend and heels to the office.  As I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and in black my mother in law had to made it for me. Sustainably made and a tailor-fit at the same time. What not to love about it.

Leather Jacket

My old faux leather jacket fell apart, it got to the point when I was ashamed to wear it. We shouldn’t let ourselves down even when we try to make our wardrobes sustainable. We need to look and feel our bests. Anyway, I recycled my jacket and started to browse for a new one. But now I want a genuine leather what will last years to come and will age nicely, not peeling off. I found one on eBay but wasn’t happy with the fit, I am not afraid to return it and browse for a one what I will love for years to come.

Crossbody bag

As my current one is falling apart I need to replace it. Same as with the jacket, our clothes can not let us down. I found one on eBay as I wanted to be good and follow my sustainable path, but it just wasn’t the right size. I will keep it for my daughter when she grows up and will appreciate the quality of it. And I am thinking to get this one as I love the simplicity of it and love to support crafters.

What Is Missing In My Wardrobe and What I Didn’t Buy

I don’t think there is anything that I miss at the moment in my wardrobe. I have enough clothes to create many different outfits with only adding these few pieces. In the end, I decided not to buy a check oversize blazer as it doesn’t fit me at all. I felt like I am wearing a bag and this is not how I want to look like.

Capsule Wardrobe Fall Winter


What did you buy for a fall and winter? Do you keep your capsule wardrobe to a minimum or you can get over your shopping habit? If this is the case let me help you with it. We can create the perfect wardrobe together.

If you need more inspiration to have a look at my Pinterest and feel free to follow for more amazing outfits adding daily.



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