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Turtleneck Top

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I fell in love with the turtleneck only a few years ago. I avoided that style of knitwear for so many years, but life goes on and I wanted to try it on. A few years ago I got my first rollneck, included it in a capsule wardrobe and this year I am already looking for a replacement as my first one is falling apart.   I wanted to show you how to style a turtleneck top as it’s a perfect piece to wear in fall, through winter until spring. And it doesn’t matter if it’s tight-fitting or loose, it should be part of your wardrobe. Trust me it is a really versatile piece.

Turtleneck Top

Top // Skirt // Blazer // Tote Bag // Slingbacks

How To Style Turtleneck Top

The turtleneck is a really great piece of a capsule wardrobe. It is great for layering, and in autumn is a nice warm top to wear instead of a t-shirt. You won’t be cold and even you won’t feel like a bear in a bulky sweater and many layers.


Turtleneck Top

Jeans // Trench Coat // Tote Bag

Material and Colour

When you decide to buy a new turtleneck top try to choose the best quality that will last and will make you feel great, go for a cashmere, merino wool or cotton. Don’t play around with the polyester.  We are talking about a nice fitting top that will be close to the skin. So try to keep your choice of natural materials as close as possible. It will last for years to come. And when you decide on the right colour you have extra points. You can also go for 2, this is a piece that you will wear for the next few months, it’s nice to have a choice. Get a basic neutral colour first. Black, navy, beige or grey will suit any colour capsule wardrobe.


Turtleneck Top

Top // Trousers // Trench Coat // Loafers 

Outfit Inspiration

I picked two different fits to show you the possibilities. First is classic tight-fitting – great to wear under a summer dress or under a blazer to the office. The second is a slightly more relaxed fit but still perfect to layer and add structure to the outfit. Whichever you will go for it will transfer your wardrobe nicely and easily into colder months without any changes in your wardrobe.

Turtleneck Top

// Trainers //

What piece of clothing did you fall in love with lately? Please let me know in the comments for some inspiration. If you like more inspiration on outfit ideas you can find it here or on my Pinterest.

Turtleneck Top

Jeans // Trench Coat 

First published in 2019 updated on 29/08/2021.


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