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Wishlist: Fall / Winter

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Is it only me or do you feel the fall in the air too? I wish if the summer could stay for a bit longer. With the all fashion shows and changing season it is actually a really exciting time of the year. But most of us try to stay true to our capsule wardrobe and to add as minimum pieces as possible, to be a bit more creative with the clothes what we already have and transition it to the colder season. I prepared a wishlist for the next season what I would like to add to my wardrobe. It is only 5 pieces what will work hard with the rest of my wardrobe. My fall/winter wishlist is:

T-shirt / Crossbody Bag / Blazer / Leather Jacket / Turtleneck Knit

Wishlist: Fall/Winter

When you have an amazing wardrobe what you like and works really well for you is only necessary to add a few pieces to refresh your wardrobe. Following my spring/summer wishlist by adding only 5 pieces to my wardrobe I keep a clutter-free wardrobe. Not making imaginary wardrobe I added a realistic piece what is on my shopping list after my current item saw a better times a long time ago. But I also added something to refresh my wardrobe.

Jeans or Here / Trainers

Leather Jacket

My faux leather jacket got used so much that it starts to peel off. As I don’t want to shop as much as I used to I browsed and found this perfect leather biker jacket. I like the shape of this jacket as it looks a bit more classic and shaped a bit more than usual biker jackets.

Oversized Blazer

After our recent trip to Paris, I noticed that Parisiens wear oversised check blazers with everything and it looks absolutely stunning. I felt in love with this trend, I skipping all my prejudice what I had to this trend.


My beloved black t-shirt got so much use that it has holes in it, necessary to replace as it is a great layer piece to wear with anything. Black or white will work well.

Turtleneck Knit

I am not a big fan of tight-fitting cotton turtleneck t-shirts, but I fell in love with the knit options. It looks amazing on its own to wear with the blazer, leather jacket or with trenchcoat or to wear it under a summer dress to extend the summer feeling for a bit longer.

Crossbody Bag

I added crossbody bag in my spring/summer wishlist even when I didn’t need it, but as I carried my crossbody bag everywhere it got so much used, it shows the marks and peels at the corners. This is another bag on my radar after one from my spring/summer wishlist.

Dress / Shoes / Bag

Did you make your shopping list/wishlist? Will you make one or can you go through the coming season without adding anything? If you need more inspiration you can find some on my Pinterest board.

If you are in need of some basics you can find it in my shop.



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