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How To Style: Trench Coat

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A trench coat, one of the most necessary and versatile piece in everyone wardrobe.

How to style the Trench Coat

You can wear the Trench coat with anything at any time and anywhere. The well-fitted trench will replace all of your coats. It looks sophisticated with pumps and so cool with a pair of white trainers. I made a collage to give you some outfit inspiration and as you can see there are so many possibilities to look your best. Did you know there is a special way how to tie the belt of your trench coat, or why there are so many buttons when we don’t use them? You can find out everything at the Burberry website to make your style effortless.


 Trenchcoat // T-shirt // Booties // Bag //

What length is the best

It is totally up to you whatever length you prefer. The most versatile is the knee length or mid tight length. But also very popular are short trench coats or full length, but this two doesn’t fit all.

Booties/Tote/ Trainers/Pumps/Saddle Bag/White T-shirt/ Sunglasses/ Trenchcoat/Black Jeans/Bra/Bracelet


The best colour of the trench coat

Basically, you can choose your favourite colour. The easiest to style is beige, black and navy, but you can go even for trendier colours, prints or dots and stripes.


What else?

The Trenchcoat is definitely one of the staple pieces what you should invest. It will last for years to come and never go out of style. If you live in a rainy country good option is a waterproof trench coat. Also, it is a good idea if you buy your trench with the extra inside layer, it is great for early spring, late autumn or really mild winters.

Did you find your trench already? Check our brand directory for sustainable options. And if you need more ideas how to wear other pieces from your capsule wardrobe you can check our posts at How to style: Skirt, How to style: Smart Pants or How to style: Blazer.


Brand Directory

Baukjen, Thought, Everlane, Lindex

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