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The Best Black Basics

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What’s your absolutely favourite colour when it comes to clothing and basics? Are you reaching more for darker or lighter neutrals? I used to wear loads of colours when I was younger, but after 30 I streamlined my closet to a base colour palette and since I started with the capsule wardrobe it was decluttered and shrunken to even less colour wardrobe. I realised that I feel the best in the black and just by adding an extra 3-4 colours in my wardrobe can create endless outfit possibilities. But this is something that you heard so many times already, so let’s talk about such a popular all the time fashion option colour of all fashionable ladies out there – pure black outfits and especially about the best black basics what I am pretty sure you already have in your wardrobe.


The Best Black Basics

Knitted Tee // Tote // Cotton T-shirt or Here // Fedora Hat // Rolneck // Jeans or Here // Silk Cami // Trousers // Mules // Crossbody Bag // Loafers // Boots // Skirt // Sunglasses // 


The Best Black Basics

Everyone talking about adding neutrals and basics colours to your capsule wardrobe, but what if you like only one single colour what is actually considered as a neutral but it’s only simple one colour? I would say go for it. If you feel your best version of yourself in it why not? That’s my case as well. When I wear black I feel the best, I feel like I am ready for any kind of situation. It actually doesn’t matter if I wear a simple t-shirt and jeans or something more dress up like a little black dress. That’s my power colour. That’s my basics. You can create an amazing capsule wardrobe around black basics as well. It’s well known that you can style and mix and match black with anything. It will look great even with the bright pastels if you like them. If you wondering what items are the best to have in your core wardrobe in black here there are:

The Best Black Basics


Doesn’t matter if they are straight, skinny or flare that’s the pair what will stand out for any occasion. You can wear them for an informal meeting, date night but even for every day. They will make you look great in a simple t-shirt or dress up blouse.


What to add to an all-time basic? Get many as you need, they will look great worn under the blazer for work but even with the trainers and jeans for the weekend.

The Best Black Basics

Smart Pants

Everyone needs to have one in their wardrobe. Not just for work, the great black pants can be worn casually with the t-shirt and trainers for an effortlessly chic look.


It doesn’t matter if you choose a chunky sweater or more fitted style, you should have one to wear on its own or as an extra layer for colder months. The great quality piece will last for years to come and you’ll reach for it at home, for work and will accompany you or your travels as well.

The Best Black Basics


No matter if you prefer the fitted style of a tulip skirt or a flare option of a silk slip skirt. Any skirt in black can be worn as with the dark top so as with the eye-catching brights. And you don’t need to worry it will always be work appropriate.

Silk top

Who doesn’t want to own the silk top? If you don’t have one and you strongly thinking to get one, go for black. It will dress up your jeans outfit, add a bit of personality to your work outfit ( worn under the blazer – we are talking about work ) and it will add a style for a dinner look without trying too hard.

The Best Black Basics


Blazer, a leather jacket and wrap coat are staples without going anywhere soon. Can you actually imagine to be any other outwear more versatile than these jackets in black?

Shoes and accessories

After many years of living in colourful trainers, I finally realised the power of black shoes. Pointy toes and heels give you the extra power what you need in the most difficult situation. And in black shades and a hat, you will experience the celebrity style. If you like to be different wear a hat and big dark shades will be your best friends. And as I mentioned so many times all bags what you really need is a large leather tote and a crossbody bag what can fit all necessary items.

The Best Black Basics



What’s your go-to colour when you need to feel your best? Let me know in the comments. For more outfits ideas follow me on  Pinterest and Instagram

The Best Black Basics


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