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Sustainable Brand: Villo Design

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We discovered Villo Design, not a long ago. The team design furniture and toys for kids development and growth.

Beginning of journey

Villo Design was established in June 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The team target was to fuse fun and play, practically in order to enrich the childhood of kids, as well as easing the role of the parent. The team at Villo Design decided to make high quality design products that are both, a piece of furniture and a toy at the same time. After a long journey, they made many original products in a beautiful design.

Toys Design


When children are developing both playful activity and playful thoughts, it’s happening through investigation and environment stimuli. They are knights and princesses. Galloping in their fantasies on lovely horses or playing with rabbits in meadows full of flowers. Children focus all their energy on maintaining balance while developing sitting balance and there is only a little bit of energy left for play. These cute soft toys are designed as a comfortable toy for sitting and also for playing.

Children Development Purpose

Children are more likely to develop dynamic sitting balance when they can learn to shift their weight from one side to another side – forwards, backwards or sideways. Children will develop arm strength and learn to coordinate their shoulder muscles. For that reason, children can hold Horse around the neck and can enjoy sitting and swinging to put into an active sitting position.


Alfred is very hugged able softie, consisting of one piece of foam and high-quality cover. The cover is in print with the hand-made design, so each piece is unique. A hidden zipper is placed on the bottom side thanks to which the cover part is removable and washable anytime you want.


Convertible Wooden Furniture

KUKO is a convertible wooden furniture which reacts to the specific needs of your children as they are growing up. It allows great flexibility, a variety of usage and also has an effective space and time-saving solution.

What Is It Made Of

It consists of 6 seams and 6 boards made of high-quality birch plywood. It is very easy to change KUKO from one function to another by connecting the boards in different ways. By following the instructions you can easily rebuild the pieces into something different with various functionalities.

Many Ways Of Use

KUKO as a cot for your newborn baby can be placed separately or you can attach KUKO to your bed to be near to your baby during the night. KUKO can be re-arranged as a creative child table with height adjustments for the desk from 45 to 74 cm. KUKO can also be used as a cradle, bench, shelf or storage for toys.




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