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How To Style: What To Edit To An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

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The Autumn is in full swing. And probably most of us thinking what will we wear from our capsule wardrobes. Might be some of you just realized you need to add some amazing long lasting pieces. Or might be some of you are in need of something new because the old piece is falling apart. Or might be you are just thinking why would you add anything? Because Autumn is really tricky, can be nice and warm – too warm for thick knits, but not warm enough for a summer dress.

What To Add

What to actually add or what would be necessary for autumn. As we actually already worked on a work winter capsule wardrobe not many pieces are necessary. For me, it would be definitely a pair of jeans, you know because of the challenge. But for you, I would suggest some nice long sleeve dress, what you can wear later in spring or even in the summer when it’s a bit chillier. Or the timeless skirt with the twist. Or thin sweater just as an extra layer, you will wear it until it falls apart.

Autumn Edit

Skirt/Dresses/Coat/Leather Jacket/ – BAUKJEN/Handbags – Denis ROOBOL

What Kind Of Material

Something that lasts for years to come. And will always look great. Cashmere, cotton, silk and wool.

Autumn Edit

Outfit Inspiration

While I was browsing and preparing my shopping list for January I found this amazing pieces,  I styled them for you.

Autumn Edit

Something Special

If you are in a need of new shoes this is a perfect time. ABLE  kindly offered 20% off for all our readers with this special promo code SHOES20. Promotion runs from 18/10 – 22/10 and it includes the entire shoe category. ABLE also offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. What to wait for if you need it and you can save some money? Win-win.

What would you add to your autumn capsule wardrobe if you have to add something? Let me know in the comments.




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