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How To Style a Tote Bag

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A tote bag. What shall I tell you about a simplest and most worn accessory in your wardrobe? All of us carries one, without even thinking about it. The great tote carries all our daily essentials and necessities, fits everything in to make your day run smoothly making sure we didn’t forget that hardly used pen at home, because if we did we wouldn’t even notice, but what if. And if we really need it, we can’t find it in there anyway. That’s our great tote bags. We would be lost without them. If you think the totes are only for the office or for the weekend I show you that you are wrong. I show you how to style a tote bag with any kind of outfit.

How to style a tote bag

Bag / Jeans / Shoes / Wrap top / T-shirt /


How To Style a Tote Bag

Since I remember I always carried a big bag with me. I don’t like to carry too many bags at once. I need a bag that I can fit everything in and lasts for a long time. Classic leather tote bag is a perfect fit. You don’t need to carry a laptop bag, you can easily fit your laptop in it with all the other necessities. You can fit your lunch in it as well. Great about the tote bags is you can style them with everything. They look great with heels but are so chic with the trainers. Gone are the days when the bag needed to match the shoes. You are perfectly fine with one large bag.

How to style a tote bag

Leather or Vegan Leather

I always go for leather whenever I can. It last longer and it ages nicely. But if you don’t like leather bags for any reason there are plenty of rising brands who does beautiful bags without even noticing that it is not real leather.

How to style a tote bag

What Color Is The Best

The bag colour should represent your style and suits your wardrobe. If you are not really into colour, probably the bright red or yellow wouldn’t be the best option. If you are not sure what colour would be a best for your style and wardrobe you can always play on the safe note and go for natural tan leather or black.  But also if you like to add colour to your capsule wardrobe the tote bag is a great start.

How to style a tote bag

Something Extra

Most of the tote bags come only with one big compartment without extra pockets, pouches or pockets. But you don’t need to be stuck in a never-ending carousel of looking for stuff what get missing in your big bag. I found an amazing and lifesaver tote organization inserter at Cuyana. It comes in different colours and you can keep your bag nice and neat with many compartments.

How to style a tote bag

Outfit Inspiration

As I mentioned before you can style your perfect tote with anything. If you choose the one with the long handles you can easily carry your bag on the shoulder without any restriction, what makes a perfect accompaniment for a weekend shopping or a weekday commute. The right tote looks great with the jeans, Jeans / Shoes / Wrap top / T-shirt and trainers outfit as it looks great with the work attire outfit.


Where is your perfect tote from? Do you prefer leather or vegan bag? Let me know in the comments so we can inspire each other. As always for more outfit ideas have a look at How to style posts or my Pinterest is full of amazing outfits and outfit inspiration.

If you have any wardrobe struggles or if there is anything you would like me to see the style or to create the post about, please let me know in the comments or send me the email.


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