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Men Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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I think my love for capsule wardrobes started back in the school years. I am the second child between two brothers. I think my older brother influenced this. He is the type of person who can wear anything and always will look good in it. He is not fashion orientated but likes items what lasts. And I really like that idea. To buy a few pieces but wear them for longer. I thought my husband to go for better pieces of what he can wear for years. He wasn’t into the clothes and materials as my brother is. But he likes to wear his favourite pieces and having a minimalist capsule wardrobe. After the first successful Men Capsule Wardrobe, I decided to create an inspiration for a Men Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

Men fall capsule wardrobe

Jacket, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Shirt, Jeans, Trousers, Backpack / Shoes, Trainers / T-shirts

Men Capsule Wardrobe

It doesn’t matter what you do or what style is, one thing what we have in common is to own at least one pair of jeans. And when it comes to t-shirts, I believe everyone owns at least one simple t-shirt without any logo or image. And these two pieces are stones of your basics wardrobe.

Men fall capsule wardrobe

What Is Included in a Fall Wardrobe

Jeans – perfectly fitted jeans are a must. I think the average man owns only 2 pairs of jeans. Which is great for a minimalist wardrobe. Jeans look great in any wash and style, just don’t push yourself to follow the trends. It is your style and your unique wardrobe.

T-shirts – I included more colours, it is up to you what style you prefer and colours you will go for, but absolutely must have are black and white. OrganicBasics has the best basic t-shirt what we tried. My husband got one a few weeks ago as a gift and since then he didn’t wear any other. And I must say if he likes something, he would buy 5 at once, in the same style and colour. So when I gave him a Silvertech t-shirt and asked him to try it on, he wears it as much as he can, wash and wear it again and again. I must say the Silvertech technology really works hard on this t-shirt. Doesn’t allow to show your stress and big underarm spots. If you like to get an early Christmas present for your partner you can use code PRETACOBC code for 10% off and enjoy a stress-free Christmas shopping.

Men fall capsule wardrobe

Sweatshirt – it is a must for a relaxed weekend and classic lounge item.

Sweater, smart pants and shirt– even if your man wears it once in a while these are the pieces what has to be in the wardrobe for some formal lunch, dinner or sometimes everyone needs to look a bit more put together. If you get it in really good quality, your partner will wear it for years.

Outerwear – jackets, coats, or waterproof jacket in the months when the rain is the most likely, also to keep you warm, it will be a necessity.

Shoes – trainers and boot style shoes are great everyday shoes what nicely accomplish your partner’s style.


Men fall capsule wardrobe

This is a casual wardrobe for most of our partners. If you like more inspiration how to create and what to add to your partner capsule wardrobe you can get some inspiration on my Pinterest. And if you are stuck on your own and you need hands-on, I will be more than happy to help.

If you like to read and get some inspiration for a specific type of clothing or to create a capsule wardrobe for a special occasion, please let me know in the comments.





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