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Fall Edition: Stay At Home Mum

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Fall is here in the full swing and I prepared another post for stay at home mums or work from home mums. It is not a big difference from other capsule wardrobes, I just streamlined the pieces to comfortable and presentable items. Also, they are easy to care for. Over the past few months, I also get a better idea of what you like and what you need. So let’s get unwrap the mums fall uniform.

Stay at home mum fall edition

, Jeans, Sweaters, Boots, Loafers – Everlane / Leather Jacket / Turtleneck top / T-shirt / Trainers, / Tote 

Trench Coat

Fall Edition Of Stay At Home Mums

Mums, I know what you have to go through, I know your busy lives, school runs, endless shopping’s and round around because there is always something that is needed for a family or one of their members. And I do understand the busy life of ladies who work from home.  But because you need to go through all of this you want to be comfortable but feel stylish and your best as much as possible. To help you with this you need a simple easy to care and style wardrobe. It makes your mornings and life easier and smooth as much as possible. In a fall edition, I included loads of light knits and easy to layer items. It will work hard in everyday life.

Stay at home mum fall edition


Light knits are perfect basics pieces for your fall wardrobe. They are easy to layer or wear on its own. Take them in neutral colours and you will have many outfits to go for.  You’ll be always stylish and comfortable.


T-shirts are easy to wear include as many as you need. Just don’t go over excited, we are trying to build a capsule wardrobe. Great t-shirt is a must, but if its with an extra functional it is even better. I found best t-shirt from OrganicBasics, I can run and get hot in them as much as necessary and no one can see it. It keeps me cool and smell fresh for all day, I tried it for 3 days actually and it worked for all of them. If you like to grab one of them you can use code PRETACOBC  for 10% off. If you like the one what I use, go for Silvertech t-shirt, it is the softest cotton t-shirt what I own and it has tech function in it as well.

Stay at home mum fall edition


Trench coat and Leather Jackets are the best to go for. You can wear as many layers as you like and need under both of them and you will look stylish in any situations and days. If you need to go for clients meeting or school meeting the trench coat is the best jacket to wear over the simplest possible outfit to add the classic and professional looking style.

Dress or Skirt

Both of them are a must for a bit of feminine touch. With the knit both looks great and as a part of year round capsule wardrobe you don’t need to buy a new one.  Just add layers over or under and your outfits will be great.


I love hats, scarfs and bags. And when you add sunglasses you will look pricelessly stylish. No matter how busy and stress you are this gives you the final touch for an celebrity look.

All mums out there I hope I helped you simplified your fall wardrobe as much as possible. We don’t need to take this extra stress when we are busy enough with the lives already. Let’s enjoy life and stuffs what are more important. Let’s chase our kids and feel great about ourselves. Btw all this items are easy to care for as well. Even cashmere can be hand washed at home with the baby shampoo – just a bit of extra tip.

Stay at home mum fall edition

As always if you like a bit more inspiration have a look at my Pinterest and if you enjoyed this post please share your thoughts. Also please let me know what I can help you with, when you create your capsule wardrobe. And if you like to book your private session you can book it here.

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