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Capsule Wardrobe: Add Summer Accessories

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Are you enjoying your all-year-round capsule wardrobe but in this hot summer days you feel a bit uninspired with the perfect curated classics what your capsule wardrobe giving you? That problem is easily solved by adding summer accessories to your capsule wardrobe.


Add Summer Accessories

Dress / Sandals / Hat / Basket / Sunglasses

Add Summer Accessories

By adding the right accessories to your capsule wardrobe is the best and easiest option to update your capsule wardrobe. The right accessories will create a completely different look and spice up your everyday look.

Add Summer Accessories

Top / Jeans or here / Basket or here

What Accessories to Add

If I feel for a change I like to add a bag or a scarf. Or my favourite one is a hat, I own a few. These seasons are really fashionable straw baskets, woven or crochet bags. It looks so french and most of all it is the summer accessories. Can you imagine to wear straw baskets in a winter? You get a point, go for season-appropriate accessories.

Add Summer Accessories

Top / Jeans / Slip-on / Bag

If you need more inspiration for a summer wardrobe you can have a look at my Pinterest.

What do you like to add to your summer wardrobe? Do you like to add accessories in seasons or you are happy with your basic timeless wardrobe. Please let me know in the comments so we can share and inspire each other.

Do you need to add some timeless pieces to your capsule wardrobe? Have a look at my shop. I offer carefully sourced sustainable pieces.

Are you stuck and you feel like you have nothing to wear? So then my Capsule Wardrobe Organization service is perfect for you. In a day you will have only pieces what you like and you can wear them with everything and everywhere. You will fall in love with your style without spending an extra cent.



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