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Ski Trip

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Winter still showing us it’s power and it doesn’t go anywhere yet. Ski trips are in the full swing. And as we have still at least 2 months of the ski season in front of us I wanted to add another post from Travel Light series and especial Winter travel.

Travel Light Ski Trip

Ski Trip

As an enthusiastic skier and growing up in the mountains this kind of travel is easiest to do for me. If you stay in the chalet and you don’t plan big parties and clubbing you will do fine with only necessary items. Thanks to this post I found a few new sustainable brands what I would like to introduce you to.


What To Pack

Ski Jacket, ski pants and thermal base layer are a must. It doesn’t matter if you ski once a year or once in three years this should be something that you invest in. It lasts you for years to come, season colours change but quality stays and won’t age. And these layers are also the most important as they keep you dry and warm even if is -20C on the slop or snowing like a crazy. But let’s take it to step by step.

Travel Light Ski Trip


Baselayer keeps the moisture away from your body, you won’t feel the cold and keeps you warm as well even if it’s completely wet. I discovered a brand who does great a job on a sustainable path but also makes beautiful clothes. That leggins can be also worn on its own together with the top. But if you like to go for a brand what is better known the Organic Basics made a great job with their sustainable sport range. It’s been tried and tested in the hard conditions.

Mid Layer

It can be any technical t-shirt, not a cotton one. It needs to be a second layer what keeps the flow of moisture going away from the body but keeps you warm and dry. I discovered another beautiful brand and in this high neck top, you can go beyond the slopes.

Travel Light Ski Trip


Proper ski jacket needs to have a few basics covered. Not only to look good, but colours also make it easier to be visible on the slopes, waterproof, breathable with the snow skirt – keeps the snow away when you fall, and when you find one with the underarms vents it’s always a good score. If I was buying a new ski gear I would go for this one. When you need to get ski pants – you should consider the same as with the ski jacket. Breathable, waterproof and easy to move in them. Look for a high-waisted one, it keeps you dry and you will avoid unnecessary problems later on.


waterproof gloves, ski socks, and beanie all of this keeps you warm and helps you to enjoy your ski holidays and it doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or pro.

Travel Light Ski Trip

Everything In Between

Jeans, t-shirt and jumper – you need to wear something for travel and go for dinner. Or just lounge in the chalet. But don’t take too many as you won’t need it. You go there to ski, not for a fashion show. I tell you a secret if you dress up too much all locals will laugh at you. This should be holidays about comfort not to impress anyone.

All around cream – I recently discovered this little miracle. It is goodness in the jar. This little miracle actually replaced straight away – day cream, night cream, special prescribed acne and psoriasis cream, and also a body and hand cream. It is ideal for a cold wheater as the structure is thick and creamy, but keeps your skin well moisturised. It will also lighten up your luggage. It saves you so much hassle going through security as they have smaller jars available. If you don’t trust my opinion Balmonds team was generous and offers 20% off with any purchase when you use code PAC20.

Winter boots – must be good quality and waterproof as everything in this luggage.

And I would like you to introduce you to a handmade ski, made by two brothers in Slovakia. Sustainably made, high-quality skis and the look is a huge plus as it comes in as close to the nature as possible. Also, the name can not be more attached to nature. Have a look at FOREST skis.

Hope I gave a bit of inspiration for a travel light ski holidays, a great way to relax keeps you away from shopping and you do a lot for your overall wellbeing.

Travel Light Ski Trip



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