How To Style Oversized Scarf

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It is that time of the year when everyone getting more layers on and wrap up in the big scarves. We do as well so I decided to give you some inspiration on how to do it in a fashionable way.

How to style oversized scarf

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How To Style an Oversized Scarf

Even in the coldest months of the year we can look fashionable and keeps ourselves warm. With the best coat and the right accessories, we can get it really easy. One of the best accessories to keep you warm is a thick cashmere oversized scarf.  Same as you can see all over Pinterest on all fashionable ladies. That kind of scarf is a really useful piece of clothing, it keeps your neck, ears and even head warm outside and if you feel a bit cold in an airconditioned office you can throw it around your shoulders without carrying an extra sweater. The scarf can transfer your outfit from boring to a standout. Even a simple t-shirt outfit with a scarf will look stunning. ( You can get a high-quality t-shirt from Organic Basics with the 10% off when you use PRETACOBC ).

How to style oversized scarf


Where To Get a Good Quality Cashmere at Affordable Price

I was lucky enough and I got together with the family-owned small producer of cashmere items. To make sure all items are made without any extra waste I had to pay for samples and we agreed on minimum order of 30 pieces to run sustainably. But all of this it doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune to get a high-quality cashmere. Have a look at our offer and preorder your scarf to support a small business. The low price doesn’t mean poor quality. I just source really carefully and for a long time to bring you the good quality at an affordable price.

How to style oversized scarf



After a long search and too many hours of scrolling the Pinterest I decided to go for a grey colour as for me, it is the most versatile colour for a scarf. It softens the black outfit, blends together with the winter greys and nicely matches all colours between.

How to style oversized scarf

Taking Care of Cashmere

Everyone generally thinks that luxury and more expensive fabrics have to be a pain to look after them. It doesn’t have to be. Even cashmere doesn’t need to be dry clean only, you don’t need to cost you anything extra to clean it. You can easily wash it at home. You just need to handwash it in room temperature water with the baby shampoo. And never twist it! Just press and dry flat on the towels.

Will you treat yourself to a luxury piece? If you need more inspiration as always you can find it on my Pinterest.


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