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How To Style: Jeans To Work

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I know I hear you, but I am working in the corporate office I can not. But some of us are really lucky they can wear jeans to work. So if you are one of them, I made some collages to inspire you. If you know that morning feeling, ‘ I have nothing to wear ‘ here is something that can help.


How to wear jeans to work

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How to Style Jeans To Work

Even jeans outfits can look smart and professional. If you pair them with a button-down/silk shirt and add a blazer you are good to go to any office. When I wear jeans with high heels noone ever notices I am actually wearing jeans. in the winter rollneck and accessories does the magic.

How to wear jeans to work

What Type Of Jeans To Wear To Work

I would say any, as long as they fit like a glove and preferably in the most accomplished length to you. But don’t forget you need to feel great in them as well, so sometimes is necessary to break the rules. Take it from me, I am petite with a pear shape body, I should wear bootcut jeans, but I love skinny jeans and I wouldn’t change them for anything else. Do the same, break the rules if you don’t feel your best. But be really careful with boyfriend jeans, ripped and really worn-out styles. I would leave them for a weekend.

How to style jeans to work

What To Wear With It

The most common is the shirt or blouse. Everything depends on the type of work. I even like sweaters, especially in winter.

How to style jeans to work

The Best Colour

Definitely neutrals, blue, dark blue and black. Don’t go for anything extreme like pink or red.

How to wear jeans to work


What kind of clothes do you wear to work? Is it formal or business casual? Let me know in the comments.

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